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Of Sun, Sea And Sand

Monday, April 03, 2006
The Princess went for a desert safari trip recently. Trekking through sand dunes and getting a microdermabrasion at the same time were not her idea of fun, but, yeah, it could be fun.

There were ten of them, and at around noon, packed their stuff into a 4-WD and a Waja. The Princess' friend's cousin had the good grace to ferry them around the desert and packed some KFC for lunch too, bless him.

The journey to the desert took almost 45 minutes. It was uneventful except when they saw some shadows moving in the desert. Shriek! Wild camels!

My hump, my hump, my hump, my lovely little lump (Check it out!)

Oi, camel, come back lar!

They took a detour to the beach in order to have lunch first. When The Princess stepped out of the vehicles, she was hit by strong wind. My god, it can rival those of thunderstorm.

Tip #1: Tie up your hair. Bun it up if possible, use a whole can of hairspray if you have to, unless you want to end up with a messy nest on your head.

The royal pose

The Princess with Princess MoMo

The Princess was minding her own business (read: Trying to devour fried chicken while standing, at the same picking strands of hair away from her face, scrapping sands from the chicken and all this while trying to appear poised) when a guy in a 4-wheeled bike appeared from nowhere and started wheezing around them. The Seductress, a friend of The Princess, started flirting and managed to convinced the guy to give them a ride on the bike. And man, it was exhilarating! This mean machine could go quite fast and take sharp corners without throwing you out to the sea.

Vroom, vroom...

The Spanish guy was pretty delicious looking, but he's well underage. Sigh. A ride on his bike was enough to convince all of them to try this sport later.

The royal entourage then proceeded to the sand dunes eagerly. Of course, they were wondering what on earth could be so interesting in the desert. Then it became apparent. Tens of the above-mentioned bike were going up and down the sand dunes like nobody's business. Some of the sand dunes were pretty steep, and these bikes managed to conquer the dunes nevertheless. Coming down the steep sand dune was the most exciting part, as it felt like as if you're going down on a rollercoaster.

However, all the bikes were rented out. The Seductress was then sent to entice the keeper into renting the bikes to us. The Princess, too bored waiting in the car, went to the nearest guy standing near a bike and with her limited Arabic, asked him "Habibi, no more bike? How come?"

The guy, in his limited English, answered "This is my bike. But you want you sit. I ask my brother carry you. I 24 my brother 23. He not engaged". Opsie.

Nevertheless, she got on the bike and went for a test drive. Wah, so syiok! Habibi's brother was very good in controlling the bike and brought The Princess to the highest dune and sent the bike rushing down the steep. Nice!

A ride on the Banshee 350

After much waiting, they finally got the bikes. Apa lagi, all of them pressed on the accelerator, rushing towards the nearest dune.

You haven't been to desert safari if you've not slide down sand dune. Of course The Princess did not do it.

Sand, sand EVERYWHERE!

After almost 6 hours under the sun, The Princess was truly burnt. Now excuse her while she retreat to her royal chamber to slather on more aloe vera cream.

my pet!

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