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Of History Repeats Itself

Wednesday, April 30, 2008

May the best men win (provided diving *cough* Drogba *cough* is not one of the criteria).

Update: Phew, luckily I did not manage to get the UCL Final ticket. Imagine flying all the way to Moscow to watch Man Utd and Chelsea play. Like hello, can watch on TV during EPL.
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Of Red and Red

Wednesday, April 30, 2008
Congrats to Man Utd from a Liverpool fan.

See you in Moscow.
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Of Wu Liao Princess

Saturday, April 26, 2008
The Princess' bro asked her to come up with a funny birthday wish for himself (wtf), and she came up with this in less than a minute.

(Sing to the tune of Happy Birthday To You)

Happy Birthday to me,
Wanna go to party,
But I have no money,
So I run to mummy.

I know, I'm a genius!
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Of Not Quite Swiss Miss

Friday, April 25, 2008
According to a survey conducted, Zurich is the best city to live in as far as quality of live is concerned. It's hardly surprising as Zurich excelled in all the quality of living criterias such as personal safety and health, education, economic and environmental factors, transport and public services and political (one can vote for everything under the sun and Swiss generally go voting once a month!). Which is super for people living there, but for visitors like The Princess, it will burn a big hole in the wallet.

Expensive or not, The Princess went exploring nevertheless. She and Thembe, her South African colleague, went touring up to the highest mountain in Switzerland, Mt. Titlis. They passed by Zurich and Lucern before reaching Engelberg. One thing she noticed, roads in Zurich are all quite narrow. And Swiss like holes. How else do you explain the numerous numbers of tunnel found?

Yeah, saw sakura in Switzerland (tee hee!)

Toast with creamy mushroom sauce -
Expensive ballz, cost about CHF 5

Toast with ham and cheese -
Ohmigod, the cheese is to-die-for

Sugar pack in pink karer

Thembe and I camwhoring in the bus

Typical scenery in Switzerland

Swiss Alps covered in powder white snow

A beautiful lake on the way to Mt. Titlis

Mt. Titlis beckons

We then boarded a cable car to half-way of the mountain, before switching to a revolving cable car Rotair. Rotair is able to hold 60 people at one time (skiing gears and all). There's a revolving platform in the middle, presumably for hooking up with girls/guys (Nah, just to give a 360° view of the scenery unfolding down there). Cool concept, though.

The view from the cable car

We finally reached the highest point the cable car could carry us at 10,000 ft. And it was so cold I could have kicked myself for forgetting to bring gloves along. But not as so hai (stupid) as one girl she saw lar. See, she went up to snowy mountain wearing only tights and dress-top and high-heeled boots. This is what you call "oi leng mm oi meng".


Swiss come out to play -
Don't know lar how that girl handle the coldness

Skis, skis everywhere

Thembe was worried my hand would get glued to the
cold pole (I was not using my tongue, dear)

My butt was frozen and raw afterwards

Another attraction of Mt. Titlis is the Glacier Grotto. Visitors could walk into this cave and through the 150m long tunnel down to 20m under the glacier's surface. The glittering ice walls, bathed by changing colourful lights are amazing. There's even a jukebox near the entrance should you have the sudden urge to listen to Bach or Negaraku (yes, Malaysia anthem) while admiring the ice walls.

See, I no bluff one, Malaysia anthem is really here

The glittering ice walls

At first I was standing and posing....

Then I fell down the slippery ice but
managed to control kiutness

America's Next Top Model

Some info about the Ice Grotto

Stopped for a cuppa to warm the tummy

Santarina lives here

I actually suffered from altitude sickness as the
cable car climbed higher and higher (ironic, I know)

For some inexplicable reason, I attract Indian guys. Like this over-friendly uncle, kept asking me to take picture with him. We took like 3 shots together lor. Uncle, don't cut out my face and paste on some naked woman's torso hor. Princess here can curse pretty darn well. Nanti mati pun tak tau kenapa.

My tour guide is a jolly old man

We then made our way down the mountain and back to Zurich. Didn't manage to try any cheese/chocolate fondue, but went to Marché Restaurant (yes, the Swiss chain restaurant with the cow mascot that can be found in The Curve). But it's much more cool here lar, cos they have smoking section here (an important criteria for The Princess). Besides that, nothing much to shout about.

Zurich downtown

And then we took the train back to hotel. Totally devoid of passengers except for the two of us.


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Of Imagination Runs Wild

Sunday, April 20, 2008
Hyatt Regency in Osaka is very kinky. How else do you explain this?

Placed on the wall opposite the bed, fancy having female orifice staring at you the whole time.

It's actually a painting of flower

Bought some strawberries in Osaka and they're the juiciest and sweetest I had in a while. Strawberries are so sensual, no? Small little, shining red hearts, they stain your lips luscious red and leave you with a sweet breath. And the way you eat it, holding the steam and biting the end - tres sexy. Heck, they even go well with sensual foods like chocolate, whipped cream and champagne. No wonder strawberries are thought to be aphrodisiac.

Now doesn't that makes you want to run to the grocer and grab a bunch of strawberries?
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Of Vote For Bakh!

Monday, April 14, 2008
OK lar, I don't usually do this, but one of my friends is in the running for the CLEO Most Eligible Bachelor title, so I'm doing a lil blog-pimping for him.

: 45
NAME : Bahktiar Affendi Azman
OCCUPATION : News Editor, News Journalist,
Newsreader, Writer
AGE : 30
ZODIAC : Libra
FAVE HANGOUT: Climb 5, 1 Utama, movies
TALENT : Martial arts, outdoor activities

To get more juicy details and to vote for Bakh, do check this out.

I first knew Bakh in the final year of graduate school. We both took up Theatre and had the most fun staging a production at the end of the semester. And he saved my life by loaning his late grandmother's kain batik for the props (I was in charge of Wardrobe, see). Bakh is easy-going, fun and a good conversationalist. Very metro sexual too, yo. And I almost always saw him in his Taekwando/Karate pants.

Peeps, do vote for him a'ight. There are many subsidiary titles as well, hentam only his name in all categories. And oh, there are goodies up for grab for those who correctly predict the winners.

When you're waiting for the water to boil, login and vote for Bakh. When the TV advertisement kicks in, login and vote and Bakh. When you're waiting for your BF to pick you up (bloody bastard is late again), login and vote for Bakh. When you simply has nothing to do, login and vote for Bakh. Pakai click aje the mouse, free ape. But don't overdo it though, do not want any of you to get Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, dahling.
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Of Smooching, Parisian-Style

Monday, April 14, 2008
I witnessed the longest French kiss in, where else, but Paris recently. I could only sit for as long as 30 minutes in the park before leaving, so I can't exactly tell how long the tonsil tennis went.

Just don't catch pneumonia, lots of saliva-exchanging going on there.

I thought this pic is kinda nice

I had the yummiest baguette in Paris. Usually, I get my bread from Paul, but this time as usual, while I was ambling around in Marais, I passed by this boulangerie with a long queue. And everyone was buying baguette. So I bought one myself and voila, I finished the whole baguette without me realizing as I walked around. Damn, I have to re-trace the route the next time I'm in that area cos I didn't get the boulangerie's name.

Spring is truly here

Didn't do much in Manchester, just managed to have dinner at Wetherspoon. The weather was really bad, raining on and off. My friend summed it up when he said, "Weather in the UK changes faster than you can cook Maggi mee". Nice.

Lamb shank in very "extraordinary" (so ordinary it's extra) sauce

Steak and ale pie

Bought all the flavours of cookies from Mark And Spencer for Mama Tju. And happily brought a packet onboard, thought of having them for breakfast. Mana tau this tau si yu crew finished all of MY cookies. Actually, all the JC crew ate lar, but I was damn not pleased with this lazy tau si yu so I put all the blame on him.
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Overheard@40,000 FT

Saturday, April 12, 2008
Flight ex-HKG, drink order with after take-0ff palate pleaser.

Pax: Can I have sprinkling water, please?

Sure, let me get hold of one of the stewards and let him do the sprinkling.
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Of No-Post Post

Monday, April 07, 2008

Fucking worked for 1 week non-stop, another week to go before I have my days off. Friends and kins, don't bother checking this blog for another week. Before I sign off, here's a preview of what I've been up to lately.

Yeah, been to Switzerland. Very nice.

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