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Of Miss Ugly Duckling

Friday, March 28, 2008
Hey guys, I'm doing a lil promotion for my sister. She's starting her own boutique business soon, but for now she's having a jumble sale of clothes on her website. All clothes are once worn by her (second hand, I know, but all are in AS-GOOD-AS-NEW condition). And they're being sold at ROCK BOTTOM prices! I know! Isn't it exciting?

Did I mention my sis has excellent sense of dressing? (Eat your heart out, Vicki B.)

So all you fashionistas out there, do drop by and have a look. You're bound to be pleased with what you see-guaranteed.
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Of I Bruise Easily

Monday, March 24, 2008
I hurt myself.

Courtesy of A340. I hate loathe flying that bird.
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Of In A Land Not Far Away...

Thursday, March 20, 2008
Taken from PostSecret

I'm here, too.
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Of Can't Live

Friday, March 14, 2008
There are so many songs named after someone. Songs like Diana by Paul Anka, Simona by James Blunt and Julia by Wang Lee Hom. But never for the life of me could I dream that there'd be a song named after Ken Lee! (Yes, named after my FHM) By Mariah Carey sammo!

Don't believe? Listen for yourself.

Ken Leeeeee......Tulibu dibu douchoo!
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Of Wedding Bells and Confettis

Friday, March 14, 2008
The Princess is down with flu ever since she got back from KL. The same night after arriving from KL in the morning, she reported for work as she only has sore throat. Upon arriving in Hong Kong, she was still OK, but after eating the durian pomelo dessert, she was down with fever as well. Padan muka lar, eat durian. But the dessert was so good, it was worth it.

Jac got married last Sunday. I'm sincerely happy for her. She found her modern fairy tale, her Popeye The Sailorman (all played out in forward motion). Maybe domestic life will suit her more than those whirlwind soap operas.

The wedding reception was held in Rahsia. The affair was simple and classy. Square bamboo and paper lanterns lined the pathway to the garden. The entrance to the hall was flanked by two pink cloth lanterns, billowing in the wind. Dinner was served buffet-style. Ken Lee was very happy cos the alcohol was free-flow. Diana was very happy cos the chicken rendang was very good.

With the blushing bride and her daughter, Amelita

With Ken Lee and Mama Tham

Nesh and Jac

The best sugee cake in KL and some
say Johor, according to Nesh

The two kecoh girls in The Sandpit, now gone

She's pretending like she didn't see me taking her photo

The wedding favour, very heavy candle holder from Angsana Spa

Showing off my manicure the wedding favour

Not forgetting a big shout-out to Arfoo, who proposed to Sue in Bali. Congrats! A surprise party was planned by Siah and Co. for Sue at Decanter, who didn't have a clue about it. Siap pasang banner lagi, don't play play. Everyone was hiding behind car lar, tree lar and pillar. The moment Sue got out from the car, she was greeted by colourful confettis.

The surprised Sue and the surprised
party popper (look how it's suspended midair)

Sue displaying her Lazare diamond for all

The very pretty cupcakes from Wondermilk

Arfoo was thinking "Yor, same same,
both also have rope around the neck"

I'm sick and tired of cupcakes lor. Tak makan, tak makan, sekali makan, makan dua kali. Jac's sister brought cupcakes for her hen's night. Naughty cupcakes. And forced everyone to lick the frosting. FYI, the frosting looks like this OK?

I will teach my children the birds and the bees
using these cupcakes

The day before her wedding at Hard Rock

Kena force to lick the cupcake by her crazy sister

Did she mention General Election is going on in Malaysia as well when's back? Yeah, her trip this time really coincided with a lot of things. Even one of the crew operating the flight she was on is Ken Lee's friend. Met up with her at One U before bringing her to dinner with Ken Lee. Man, that Taiwanese girl was so surprised at the way our gong bau ji ding (stir-fried chicken in dried chillies) is prepared, contained in a yam ring. Nevertheless, she liked it very much and happily tucked into pai guat (pork ribs).

With Alicia, Kelly and Ken Lee at Green View Restaurant

Now you know why she's sick. Too much extra curricular activities.

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Of Bouncing Along Perfectly Well

Thursday, March 06, 2008
Yor can die, it's been a super tiring week lor. Work non-stop for 7 days. Finally got a break and will be going back to KL to attend *gasp* Jac's wedding! I know, Jac's wedding!

Haha, that bitch is going to dress up in saree. RED saree. Totally can't wait for that to happen.

Chopped a good 6-inch (or more) off my hair in Hong Kong. Try it, it's one of the most liberating thing one could do. Now I feel so much lighter and bouncy. Like boing, boing bouncy, literally.

Ok, I really got to sleep, I don't make much sense at 5 in the morning.
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