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Of Valentine's Day 2007

Monday, February 26, 2007
This is another backdated post of hers. Valentine's Day this year is the second time in a row The Princess and the royal gang didn't get to celebrate with their loved ones back home. In one of those rare days, the whole gang was in and decided to dine out.

Tortilla chips and beans

Barbequed beef ribs and fries

Crunchy prawns and steak with cheesy mash potatoes

Shrimp skewers and savoury rice

In short, this is the first and last time they would visit Applebee's. The food sucks.

The night continued in a club. The most pathetic thing one could do in The Sandpit is to go clubbing. She went once, didn't like it and after this time, it only further cements her dislike. 80% of the guys there are just there to pick up girls. OK, so that applies everywhere not only in The Sandpit, but once they have stepped into the club, all eyes were on them, making The Princess felt damn uncomfortable. It's like they are literally undressing you with their eyes.

Jac and so-miang-look-can-die Ken Lee

Eksyen (proud) look

They were bloody freezing and managed a smile

With Jojo

Dancing Queen - Jac doing her thing

Walau, Jac, you can bloody shake! They want to take lessons, can?

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Of All's Well, Ends Well

Monday, February 26, 2007
Back to The Sandpit. Back to reality. Back to the humdrum of existence. The Princess has nothing to look forward to, just willing March to quickly whizz by.

She has caught the post-CNY blue. Increased waistline, lack of work motivation, flu and cough are few of the signs. By the by, she forgot to wish all a Happy Chinese New Year. How rude of her.

Happy Pig Year Y'all!

Gong Xi Fa Cai!

So pretty!

The boy Mama Tju used to babysit came and stayed with them for a night on the first day of CNY and he's absolutely adorable! So well-mannered to boot. Unlike her uncle's little tyrant.

Mama Tju and her precious

The girl is a tyrant

See that little girl above? She's one mean machine. The Princess wonders how something so small could produce so much sound. Thank God she's not her daughter, else The Princess would slap her silly.

Either she's way back behind time or the kids nowadays are crazy. Her cousins as young as 7, 8 year-olds are gambling RM5 and RM10 per round in Blackjack. And winning. With their father as banker.

And they forced their grandmother to pose ala Japanese kawaii girl. Tell her kids today are not crazy.

The Princess met up with many old friends, except those she wants to catch up with the most. One went back KL as she needed to work, another sent and accompanied her dad in the hospital and another balik kampung to Muar.

Funny how another friend of hers acted the way she did. The Princess and friends invited her out so many times but each time, there were excuses. Dinner buffets, gatherings etc. They have known each other for more than 10 years now and she couldn't forgo a bloody dinner buffet in order to meet up after not seeing each other for 3 years? Come on, she's been staying all her life in Melaka and her other Melakan friends will always be in Melaka, can't she just postpone her gatherings? And the irony is, she got the cheek to say she's "not free, throwing open house tonight" without even inviting them over.

Damn, she's getting pissed off all over again she felt immense need to plaster her camwhore pictures all over.

New Year must wear new clothes, but the only thing new about the whole outfit is her bra

The two princesses

These three didn't coordinate and ended up wearing vertical stripes shirt - Marvin, The Boy and Marvis

Ah Loke blends in with the background

Sue and Arfoo - Aha, caught in the act!

Ah Loke said Adrian spoilt the photo

The Princess and her jie mui (sister)

She made sure she ate Japanese food before going back to The Sandpit. Damn, those cravings are back.

Salmon Belly Sashimi - Oh, so creamy, so delicious, so expensive!

Dragon Roll - The avocado is too ripe and mushy

Ebiko sushi

Unagi Roll

Did you get lots of Ang Pow (red packet)? Because she certainly didn't.

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Of Pink Overload

Thursday, February 22, 2007
Happy Birthday, Marvin dear!

Many happy returns and may all your wishes come true. Nice shirt, by the way, eventhough it expanded after one wash. Zara sucks, huh?

Yummy Macadamia White Chocolate Cheesecake (?)

The two birthday boys

One with the birthday boy - Walau, The Princess has never ever
taken such an old-fashioned pose punya photo even with her parents

Introducing Jess and Cal

Piang tip-toeing at the back, with not much effect

Cal and Steve

Enjoying the cheesecake,
but forced Jess to have the not-so-nice tiramisu

Ah Loke got so tall meh?

Portrait of a happy family

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Of A Blur Queen

Monday, February 12, 2007
You tell her, is there anyone as blur as to forget she's menstruating and put on a panty-liner instead of a pad? And proceed to sleep from 9am to 11pm?

Yes, there is. The Princess lor.

On the bright side, at least she put on a panty-liner instead of none. And the weird thing is, no stain on her bedsheet at all. But the panty and pajama are sitting in a pail of very bloody water now.

How come got such people one?!
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Of Ghost In The House

Saturday, February 10, 2007
There is a supernatural being (ghost lar) in The Princess' house.

How else could she explain the missing phonecard and pen? Mind you, this pen is no ordinary pen. It's the best pen she has ever used providing good grip and smooth writing. It's the Holiday Inn Atrium pen in ugly green colour and she has many of it, but somehow cheap Self Loading Freights almost always conveniently forget to return them after borrowing, thus dimishing her stock.

And the phone card. She put it right beside the phone and saw it before going to SIN, but now it was gone. She asked both her housemates but one didn't see it and Ken Lee saw it before leaving for Manchester. But where is it now?

Ghost, go away. The Princess has very powerful talisman stuffed somewhere, OK?
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Of Dong, Dong, Dong Chiang

Wednesday, February 07, 2007
Oh dear, The Princess' sleeping pattern is so screwed up! Here she is, staring at the lappie running out of websites to surf. Someone, knock me unconscious, please?

Humph, she has no motivation whatsoever for work, she's so looking forward to go back Melaka for Chinese New Year already. She was in Singapore 2 days back and her spirit lifted when stalls in Bugis played loud, techno Ah-Beng-head-banging CNY songs. She used to hate all the cheesy gold and red firecrackers, gold ingots decoration and lantern hanging outside the porch stuff. And those endless greetings and well wishes when visiting (She almost always need to confirm with Mama Tju the title for each uncle and aunt, like Ah Maik, Peh Deh in Hainanese as she doesn't speak it).

Usually, around this time, she would have sorted out the mess in her room (Mama Tju's spring cleaning is so hardcore to the point of making The Princess and siblings SCRUB the walls, from top to bottom), baked cookies and bought a few new year outfits. When she was younger, on the eve of new year after reunion dinner, she would eagerly wait as Mama Tju brought out the collection of jewellery and she got to pick which gold chain to wear. Yeah, lame she knows, but hey, she was just a kid back then. She still remember fondly the time when she andher sister couldn't wait to leave when visiting some relative's house so they could check out the ang pow (red packet). Or how she always looked forward to visit her grandaunty's house as she served the best oh-so-delicate-it-crumbles-under-the-slightest-touch almond sugee cookies. And of course, balik kampung, where the maternal side of the family spend the new year together with her crazy cousins running around. And when night falls, her uncles and aunts gambled (with windows and doors closed as gambling, unless in legal establishment and that is in Genting for the whole of Malaysia, is not permitted). Of course, she was not allowed to join in as she's still young, and she got so excited whenever one of her aunts asked her to takeover as she needed to visit the loo. CNY is so much nicer when you're young, and somehow as you grow older, it becomes more like going through the moment thing.

But not this year, oh no. Distance makes the heart grows fonder. Plus, she needs to go back to make sure no one keeps her ang pows. And for that piece of oh-so-delicate-it-crumbles-under-the-slightest-touch almond sugee cookie.

Now if only she could find a way to regulate her sleeping hours.

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