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Of Fly, Baby, Fly

Friday, September 28, 2007

Behold, people, Alice flapping her wings! Now, that's one very, er, stripey chick.
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RIP Victims of Flight OG 269

Monday, September 17, 2007
88 people perished in a plane crash in Phuket yesterday afternoon. The aircraft was landing in heavy rain and came into a slide and crashed into trees and walls surrounding the airport. The impact caused the aircraft to split into two and went into a series of explosions.

My deepest condolences to friends and famillies of the victims of the ill-fated flight.

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Of Black And White Italiannies

Friday, September 14, 2007
Met up with the girls at The Curve while The Princess was back in KL the other day. So the kesian, she didn't even sleep after touching down, just changed and rushed out to take a cab to TTDI for facial and haircut. When she arrived at Italiannies, the girls were already done with appetizer, nasib lar they have enough willpower to wait for The Princess before tucking into the main course (which had been sitting on the table).

Italiannies' star dish - Spaghetti with humongous meatballs

Fried calamari

Cappucino cream (Nothing cappucino about it)

Papa Yong then dropped by to pick up and drop off some stuff for Joanne. Jess recently bought a DSLR camera so she was playing around with it, but she couldn't get the setting right. So Piang stepped right in and started tweaking the setting (to the extent of asking Cal to shade the flash with tissue paper).

See the pro at work

FYI, Jess was wearing the working outfit for the next day
cos she'd be staying over at her BF's place and she was too lazy to pack

Stripes are in

While they were tinkering with their prosumer camera,The Princess
was snapping away using her digital camera on Auto mode

Then it's time to go back to hotel to meet up with Mama Tham to pass her airticket. She gave a few boxes (5 to be exact) of jelly mooncakes for the girls in The Sandpit. Thanks, Mama Tham, they were delicious! But oh, the agony of lugging around 5 boxes of fragile mooncakes in trolley bag was killing.

By the way, the photos nice or not? The Princess was Photoshop-perimenting with black and whites to produce different effects.
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Of Moon In Her Living Room

Friday, September 14, 2007
Nevermind that the Mid Autumn Festival is still 10 days away. The Princess and Ken Lee started hanging paper lanterns around the house. Once all the lanterns are lighted, they switched off the lights and invited Klyie and Jojo over.

Ken Lee lighting up the lanterns

See the "ghost" floats by

Pink lantern is the prettiest!

They were pretty good, only one lantern caught fire (and if you have played with one you know how easily they burn). But the curtain railing where they hung the lanterns melted a little at each end. Die, housing better don't come and check.

Residents of apartment No 6 & 7 wish everyone a happy Mid Autumn!

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Of Blood Boiling Day

Tuesday, September 11, 2007
Ma hai. Tiu nia sing.

How the fuck The Flying Goat company managed to get 5-star rating is beyond me. Can say most of the flights are delayed lor. Fucking Skytrax accept bribe is it? So far I have only done 2 SIN flights that were not delayed. And I have at least one SIN every month OK. KUL also same story. Bloody send a lousy, almost torn apart A300 to KUL. Hello, KUL is a money-making route for you OK. The pax don't drink much, behave like how civilised human should behave instead of acting like a bunch of monkeys (only applies in winter cos in summer, it's packed with Arabics and don't get me started on them). Where you send the A330s and A340s to? To bloody DAC, BOM, LHR etc.

DAC - Rude, ignorant pax who cut the wire of the IFE remote cum phone thinking gee, look, I have a new mobile now.

BOM - Sister, whisky, sister whisky. Ma hai I'm not your sister. I bloody pour the whisky on your head only know.

LHR/MAN - Filled with cheapskate British who demand everything and would carry off the plane if they could. Not too mention lazy. Look at your size, that walk to the galley for a glass of water will do you good, cibai. MAN pax pulak all from kampung one. Damn no class can die.

Nevermind lar, company fucking rich what. Can manage to miss the allocated arrival slot and pay for a new one. Malaysians, don't complain about Air Asia's frequent delays. Trust me, you haven't seen worse.

Ya lar, The Princess is menstruating hence her moodiness. Dah ler always never get 3 days off this month she got it, fucking KUL flight is delayed for 3 hours rendering her effectively stucked in The Sandpit. Nicely inform Mama Tju I'm going back Melaka already.

Don't anyone dare to step on her tail these 3 days. Feel like just digging a hole, crawl in and hide.
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Of Dancing Moth....

Thursday, September 06, 2007
I am drawn to you, like a moth to flame. My wings will get burnt and I'll never fly again.

I am consciously destroying myself, I am six feet from the edge.
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Happy Birthday, Jac Dear!

Tuesday, September 04, 2007
Happy Birthday, Jac dear!

My dwindling grey matters makes me forgetful, but I did wish you and gave you a birthday hug one day later (only 1 day, not 1 week).

May you grow with the wisdom and confidence of a woman with surety. Remember I once asked you what/who is your pillar of strength, someone/something that keeps you going in moments of despair? I found mine and I know you found yours long time ago, too (I sure hope it includes chocolate!).

Love you, babe - Yes, you and your sometimes hard to put up with attitude.
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