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Of Quiz And Then More

Monday, May 28, 2007
Dial in game shows. Don't we just love them? What better way to earn some instant cash by answering a few simple questions or solving some puzzles.

But, if money is not incentive enough for you, this game show should motivate you in grabbing the nearest phone. Or not, depending on how you see it.

As the stake gets higher, the clothes are peeled off one by one, until none. Talk about motivation.
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Of Dim Lightbulbs

Monday, May 28, 2007
Stupid colleagues.

Don't you just hate them? They're so clueless and blank up there they make an amoeba looks intelligent.

Worse still if they're working with you in the same team. And you had to run around cleaning up after their mess. Worse still, they just stood there giving you the oh-I-am-such-a-wreck-I-
probably-should-just-stand-here look.

If you're stupid, it's ok. Hey, you can't fight nature. Too bad your mum dropped you on the head when you're a baby. But please, do at least show some intiative in learning. Learn as in observe what your fellow team members are doing. Ask intelligent questions, not "What is decaffeinated coffee?". The last The Princess checked, they came from the same training school. But please don't do work with your mouth. You know those kind, who comes running after you asking where is this, how to do that hoping you'll do it for them.

The Princess had to share this. When asked by the supervisor what is served with the omelette, one crew actually answered "It's with egg" without missing a beat.

I hate stupid people. I hate lazy, stupid people. I hate greedy people. I hate people. In short, I should just build an island and live there alone all by myself. And then I'm happy.
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Of Painting Athens Red

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Woo hoo, The Princess will be in Singapore on 23th May, so she's not going to miss the finals after all! Hmm...notice how Kewell is always conveniently fit for CL Finals. The Princess hope Zenden could make it to the finals though, he deserves it much more seeing how closely he's involved in CL this season. Or Riise. Just keep Kewell in the fridge lar.

Banner by 5xreds

Now, battle it out and make us proud, fellow Redmen.

P/S Haha, 3 up and you still couldn't win....nyek,nyek,nyek
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Of A Shithole

Monday, May 21, 2007
The Princess' body clock is definitely screwed.

7 pm - Rise and shine
8 pm - Breakfast Dinner Brunch Whatever you call it
10 pm - Surf net
11pm - Surf net
12 am - Surf net
8 am - Ken Lee wakes up, talk to her
10 am - Watch tv
1 pm - Sleep

And the vicious cycle repeats.

She was complaining to her friend about how dull The Sandpit is and the friend retorted by saying she's not adapted to the lifestyle here yet.

Fuck, who in the right frame of mind would want to adapt to the environment and lifestyle here? This is the saddest place on Earth. Yaya, don't tell her bullshit like war in Iraq is worse The Sandpit is so peaceful bla bla bla. At least she could watch bullets fly. Ok, granted bad joke but, you get her drift.

Talking about a peaceful Sandpit - another person who comes running to tell her this is going to get a bitch slap on her face and a vigorous shake. Honestly, if there is any woman (not covered in abayah) walking along the street who has not been sexually (verbal and/or physical) harassed before, congrats you're the lucky one and one real fugly chick.

Take for example, when The Princess first set foot here. She was waiting for cab when a car stopped by and asked "How much? How much". Of course she was shocked the first time. When she finally made her way to the supermarket, she was asked once again,the same question, by a young boy who obviously hasn't even finish growing his pubic hair, the bastard. "How much is your mother/sister?", she snapped back.

Few weeks back, she and Ken Lee were walking to the nearby money exchange when they passed by two boys around the corner. The Princess just very nearly finished warning Ken Lee to be careful when one of the bastard came from behind and smacked Ken Lee's left butt and ran away. And on the way back, a 4WD suddenly stopped in front of them and wind down the car window.

"Don't see, don't see, Ken Lee"

Stubborn cow didn't listen and peered inside.

"Diana! He tengah TFK(masturbating) inside the car!!"

She's so frustated she needs to break something. How do those expats live here so long anyway? There's nothing to do that is intellectually stimulating and it's baking hot outside for 8 months of the year. Since coming here, The Princess has no longer any passion for anything and once you stop having zest for anything, you know you're in big trouble.

What passion could she have here? Photographing sands? Go clubbing at the few pitiful bars and have men mentally undressing you? Hang out at coffee shops day in day out, seeing the same faces moan about the Sandpit like most of the expats here do? And they're all not terribly bright, those poor dears, so spare her the numbing, mindless chit chatting.

Oh, just you wait till the day she can finally pack and go home. Tick tock, tick tock.....and it's getting nearer.
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Kansai Region, Japan - Part 3

Sunday, May 20, 2007
Day Four - Himeji Castle and Kobe

Yupe, they're superwoman and covered both Himeji and Kobe. Hectic indeed, so a hearty brunch is required.

Tempura soba


Tempura udon

Restaurants in Japan are so clean! The kitchens are spotless and tidy. Cooking utencils gleamed and bottles of sauces are neatly arranged. And the amazing thing is, tablecloths remain white in colour. Seriously, if the prawn tempura accidently dropped on the floor The Princess would practise the five-second rule (heck, make it ten), pick it up, pop it into the mouth and STILL not get stomah upset later.

Himeji Castle is a national treasure and a UNESCO's World Heritage site. The Last Samurai was shot on location here.

Himeji Castle looming behind

The Princess just wants to belt out Supergrass' Alright

Followed by Blur's Parklife

Angel in disguise

View from the castle

Japanese warrior suit

The graceful Himeji Castle is likened to herons taking off

These two sakai love dogs too much they're pretending to be one

Too bad they didn't manage to visit Kokoen Garden as it has already closed so they headed to the port town of Kobe. And it was so freaking cold that night they go to the harbourfront or explore the city. And what better way to warm the tummy than a pot of hot, steaming Sukiyaki.

Weird tasting tofoo

Kobe beef

That meal was pretty expensive, coming up to about USD 180 for 3. Why? All because of the Kobe beef lar. Yes, those thinly sliced, marbled texture beef. Yes, meat from those pampered cows which are given daily massage and are fed hefty quantities of sake and beer mash.

Lucky bastards.

But haha, guess who ended up in their stomach.

Still they paid USD 180 for it.


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Kansai Region, Japan - Part 2

Sunday, May 20, 2007
Do excuse The Princess, she's busy lately from doing nothing. There she is, putting off the task of updating the blog and before long, she's in idle mood. And then she's stucked in the rut far longer than intended. The Princess has perfected the art of procrastination.

Day Three - Central and Eastern Kyoto

Went to Nishiki Market in the morning, followed by the famous Kiyomizudera (Pure Water Temple). A UNESCO's world heritage site, Kiyomizudera offers a nice view of the city from it's wooden terrace.

Geisha (authenticity unknown) walking down the lane leading to the temple

On the way to Kiyomizudera, one has to walk along the steep and busy lanes of Higashiyama, with many shops and stalls selling Japenese souvenirs and good luck charms.

Just can't stop taking photos of cherry trees

First you have to pass the red gate.....

Climb more stairs to reach another red hut

Stop by the garden and take a photo....

Reach another garden and pose again....

Make a wish and hang it at this cute stand

Tada...finally there!

Reward yourself by taking another shot from the wooden terrace

The best view of the main hall

Beneath the wooden terrace, taste some healing spring water

From Kiyomizudera, they continued walking down Ninenzaka Slope, an alleyway filled with many curiosity shops all the way to Maruyama Park. Along the way, they must have passed by so many temples and shrines they lost count. Really, Kyoto is literally littered with them, you can just blindfold yourself and throw a stone in any direction and The Princess will bet her bottom dollar it would land on a temple/shrine.

Ryozen Kannon, with a huuuge statue of Kannon

Yes, they entered the garden of a private residence

Sakura season is a season for merry making in Japan. Japanese partake in hanami (cheery blossom viewing) around parks, reserving the best spot, spread a mat under the tree and picnic. Here in Maruyama Park, tables were being set up and visitors could order food and drinks from the stalls. You could even bring your own meats as BBQ pits are provided.

Al fresco dining under the cherry blossom - just pick
the tree you fancy most

They stopped for a breather and as it was getting cold, ordered some snacks and a pot of hot sake. The Princess loves sake but Ken Lee and Princess MoMo said it was like drinking acetone.

Oden - Japanese version of yong tau foo

Curry rice - Japanese version is much milder, heck even sweetish

The "it" cherry blossom in Maruyama Park gets lighted up at night

Yasaka Shrine near Maruyama Park - Lit lanterns
decorating the shrine's stage

Beautiful Japanese papers but damn, they're expensive

How to walk in these?

Saw that pair of wooden clogs above? The one with the highest platform? They cost USD 115. The Princess is so going to bring those red "cha kiak" grandmothers used to wear back home and sell in Japan.

On a parting note, here's an interesting snapshot The Princess curi-curi took in the train on the way back from Kyoto.

Giving the lady the benefit of doubts, maybe her feet DID fit into those shoes when she left home that morning. And then her feet DID expand. And the shoes DID shrink. But one thing is for sure, she's not the one who lost the glass slipper as the clock struck 12 yesterday.

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