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Of Too Much of Spider

Friday, June 29, 2007
Judging by the frequency she's blogging, you could tell The Princess is bored.

Ken Lee left for her AL to KL today, and The Princess has been sitting in front of the laptop playing Spider Solitaire all freaking day. Spider Solitaire four suits is not easy to game ok, and she's replaying all the game that she couldn't complete repetitively she feels like puking.

Everyone is not in, can you believe it? No one to accompany her to moan about life. She thinks she's going to have a pre mid-life crisis soon.

Ken Lee, when you eat that char koay teow, think of her ok? When you go drinking at SevenAteNine, think of her ok? When you listen to I Want To Break Free, think of her ok? Faster come back to stop her from commiting more "good deeds".
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Review: Umai-ya Japanese Restaurant

Friday, June 29, 2007
Siah recommended this restaurant and since they were around Damansara Uptown area anyway, The Princess decided to check out Umai-ya. Upon entering, the Zen-like ambience immmediately put them in major gastronomic mood. Umai-ya consists of 2-floor with the ground floor assigned as non-smoking area. The upper level has private dining booths ala Japanese tatami-style dining. The only smoking area is the bar counter, so they settled for that. Good idea, as they could watch the chefs prepare the food that way.

Orders taken, the chefs quickly got into action. For novelty's sake, they orderered live sea urchin, just flown in according to the server. One piece is priced at RM65, bloody hell it better gives her multiple orgasms or else. When the sea urchin is poked at, you can see the spikes moving. Confirm still alive, never kena con.

Sea urchins

Below is the clip of the chef preparing the sea urchin. Pardon the bad quality, it was dark in the restaurant ok. Ceh, easy only what, The Princess can also do that.

First to arrive is the Dragon Roll. Yummy, the avocado is not too ripe.

Her all-time favourite - Dragon roll

That pathetic mustard-coloured small glob is all the flesh
you can scrap out from the shell

The sea urchin made the grand entrance. After squeezing some lemon, they eagerly tucked in. Ok, first bite, only could taste the lemon. Nevermind, let's try without the lemon. do you describe the taste? Creamy with a faint smell of blocked sewage pipe.

Forgot the name - Rolls filled with 3 types of fish meat

That roll above is very good. Thinly sliced cucumber is used to wrapped the filling of raw fish meat. The filling has some crunchy bits of God-knows-what added and white sesame sprinkled on top. Crunchy cucumber lent a refreshing taste to the raw fish, very light on the palate.

Seafood ramen

The seafood ramen is a bit of a letdown though. The broth is nothing to shout about, and the noodles is soggy. Ramen is supposed to be springy and firm, else Maggi Mee would do the trick, she didn't have to pay 20+ bucks for it.

Finally, for desert, they had black sesame ice-cream. She liked that the sesame is not grinded into oblivion, just merely crushed to retain a bit of texture in every spoonful.

The sashimi selection looked very fresh, but she didn't order much as she has just recovered from a bout of major diarrhoea - didn't want to upset the stomach with too much raw seafood. There are also many value for money bento to choose from. The bill came up to RM160. All in all, recommended Japanese food at slightly higher price. Just skip the sea urchin and save the 65 bucks for other sashimi.
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Of Torres-fic News

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Fernando Torres to join Liverpool? Yes, please!
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Of Paradise Island

Wednesday, June 27, 2007
Jac baked brownies for Ken Lee's housewarming party this coming Sunday, and Ken Lee gave The Princess a few pieces to eat. The Princess obediently obeyed Ken Lee's order and carried the plate of brownies to the living room, sat down and ate. Like a small kid.

Was back in KL and stayed in a room with a view of the Petronas Twin Tower. It's beautiful, she realised. Strong, sturdy and all gleaming steels. Unlike Pearl Tower which resembles a flashing toy laser gun. Or Taipei 101, which is a bit..... too delicate for her liking. The tallest structure in the world should be IMPOSING.

Met up with Ken Lee for dinner in Bali and went to this Balinese restaurant called Kunyit Bali. Nice environment, courteous service, overpriced menu and forgettable food.

Active volcanoes as seen before landing into Denpasar

Appetisers: Chicken soup, chicken and seafood skewers
and beansprout salad with coconut

Main course (CW): Stir fry young coconut, french beans stir fry,
pork stew, grilled prawns and chicken Balinese style and
seafood paste wrapped in banana leaf

Dessert (CW): Banana fritters, onde onde, limau,
sweet glutinous rice and buah atap pulut hitam

The Princess likes Bali. No doubt, the city centre can get pretty overwhelming with bars, restaurants, spas, boutiques and Aussies, but if you choose to look past those you can find a lot of hidden treasures. Bali is not cheap by any standard, what with the locals treating you like a flashing neon money sign. But eat where the locals eat and make small talks with the local, you can get by with a fraction of what the rest of the tourists are paying. Of course, knowing Bahasa most certainly helps.

She likes the fact that although Bali has seen its fair share of tourists influx, the land is still steeped with Balinese religion (a groovy hybrid of Hindu, Buddhist, Javanese and ancient indigenous beliefs). Religion and traditions play an important part in their daily life so much so it's shielded them from outside influences, preserving the unique culture.

There are temples in every village, shrines in every field and tiny sesajen (offerings) of glutinous rice, flowers and salt in bamboo leaf trays being made at every corner (yes, even at clubs and airport check-in desk, no less) not less than 3 times a day, before every meal.

Look closely and you can find interesting stone statues
and carvings in the least expected place

And oh, by the way, in case you fail to notice,
The Princess has got herself a bang

Of course, no trip to Bali is complete without a visit to the spa. Together with 3 of her colleagues, they went for this Diamond Sand Massage for 2 hours with 40 mins of reflexology thrown in. She wanted harder pressure for the massage and the masseur really did a good job. When she swung The Princess to the left and then right and the bones creaked, she actually moan in pleasure. Knotted muscles relaxed. Total bliss.

Now, for the reflexology, it was fucking painful OK when the girl kneaded the small toe, she was shouting in pain. Referring to the chart, that area denotes the dahi (forehead). Something wrong with her forehead meh? Ear and eyes area of the foot hurt as well. Luckily the area at the ball of the foot (sexual glands) is not painful, thank you very much. Mahai, now makes her feel like running to the nearest hospital for body checkup.

After buying a dozen of Krispy Kreme, she went to Legian beach. On a bike. See, roads in Bali are very narrow and most are one-way only and congested. Bikes are weaving in and out between cars and it's scary sitting behind one knowing you're not protected by anything metal. Been a while since she last sat on a bike.

Crowded with people watching people

Surfer dudes doing their stuff

Shafiq is nice enough to bring The Princess around

The beach was so crowded. And only for surfing, no swimming allowed. No choice lor, if you can't beat them, join them so they sat down and watch people watching people.

Too bad the stay in Bali is too short. But fret not, cos The Princess is going to Bali again next month, this time she has 3 clear days there. Want to do white water rafting and bungee jumping. Want to visit Ubud, Kintamani and Uluwatu. Want to do spa, drink and be merry. Time is of the essence.

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Of The Ego Has Landed

Thursday, June 21, 2007
Diarrhoea is gone, thank God, for The Princess will be operating KUL-DPS tomorrow. A short stay in KUL, but better than nothing.

Good thing is, she will be meeting Ken Lee in Bali for dinner. More Balinese food! Bring on the santan (coconut milk). More sambal (spicy condiment), please. Heck, throw in the cili padi (bird's eye chilli). Gulp, can her stomach handle all these? Don't care lar, whack only.

She suspects the culprit behind her distressed gastrointestines is petai (stink bean). Petai is a groovy type of bean. The smell can be assaulting on the senses and just like durian, it's an acquired taste. The last time she had petai was aeons ago. Petai is known to have diuretic properties, not making your bowel goes bonker and loses complete control.

Joanne is so sweet. She cooked kway teow for the sick Princess. Bland kway teow as she couldn't take oily food. And kept checking whether she's drinking enough water. Joanne, you're so going to be her new fave housemate (not literally as she's living in the apartment opposite) after Ken Lee is gone.

Now, fast fast go read Ken Lee's tribute poem for The Princess. Knowing Ken Lee hasn't got a single cell for flowery proses makes it all the more sweet. Thanks dear, about time I have an ego boost.

P/S I couldn't access UK's The Sun! It's blocked by The Sandpit's only Nazi-style internet provider! I cannot believe this, it's only an online newspaper with the occasional boob show in the Entertainment section! I just want to bloody read the Sports section!
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Of Distressed Stomach

Tuesday, June 19, 2007
I'm sick.

Diarrhoea. Major one.

Whatever goes in, comes out again. Can't even drink water. No one in the house to take care of me. To cook porridge for me, to remind me to eat medicine, to make a general fuss over me.

I need a big hug right now.
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Of Evil Tea Bag

Friday, June 15, 2007
The Princess' face was cut by falling tea bag today.

And she didn't even realise until someone pointed out to her face is bleeding. Die, will leave scar or not?

Bugger it.
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Of Book Of Life

Thursday, June 14, 2007
We used to share the same chapters of our lives. Some were filled with pleasant memories and wonderful times. Some with poignant moments and turbulent rides. Some are filled with fierce passion and fervour . Some with painful heartache and antagonism. Nevertheless, it was a good story.

Today, you start a new chapter in your life. Fresh, blank pages for yours to fill. Imagine the possibilities!

May it be littered with many happy stories and blessed events. May it be filled with soaring tales of courageous achievement and gallant adventures. May it be bound with well-wishes and blessings from loved ones.

Today, I start a new chapter in my life too. Fresh, blank pages for mine to fill. Imagine the possibilities!

May it be littered with many happy stories and blessed events. May it be filled with soaring tales of courageous achievement and gallant adventures. May it be bound with well-wishes and blessings from loved ones. But, above all, may it be intertwined with your story as you have become a too-important person to be left out in my story.

And one day, when we peered open our ever growing books and delved into those chapters, we could look back and say "Damn, that was a good one!"
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Of Her Long-Eared Friends

Tuesday, June 12, 2007
As if not enough Happy Bunnies are being put to good use, now we're trying to compete for carrots with 'em bunnies. The Princess thought the PM has gone eco-friendly when she saw this headline in The Star:

PM: Use carrot instead of stick

Haiyo, The Star, can use more dis ambiguous headlines next time? Imagine if she good citizens were to heed the PM's call and throw away those bunnies?
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Of Murphy's Laws

Sunday, June 10, 2007
After much legwork, effort and stress, The Princess still couldn't make it. It's a case of the classic Murphy's Laws - anything that could go wrong, went wrong today.

Happy getting hitched, dear cousin. *wry smile*

Karma is a bitch.

Moving on to happier stuff, come let's all laugh at them loudly.

It was taken in Dotonbori in a cold spring night. The tang chi guy was actually jumping with cold. Digi Yellowman looks like a giant yellow rubber condom. Japanese is a weird bunch, I tell you.

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Of Headless Cockroach

Saturday, June 09, 2007
The Princess has been running around like a headless cockroach today. All just because she has to go back to KL due to an important matter that needs her urgent attention.

More running around later of the day because she needs to pick up the exit permit (yes, she's like a bloody inmate #1234 in prison) before rushing to the airport to catch the flight.

Yeah, so she's going home. Happy lar!
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Of Fickle-Minded Itchy Feet Princess

Thursday, June 07, 2007
You know what, maybe for the coming leave, The Princess is not going to do Czech Republic or Portugal after all.

She has been doing research lately and the more she gathered, the more she wanted to go to the Balkans. Probably visit Croatia first and take a bus from Dubrovnik to Mostar and then to Sarajevo in BiH (yes, the country where the infamous Bosnian war took place from 1992 to 1995).

But she will be travelling alone, and God willing, "let's come back in one piece" (her all-time favourite last words in briefing room).

Now let her brainwash Ken Lee into joining her.
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Of Bitter Queens Of The Sky

Tuesday, June 05, 2007
I hate the person I'm turning into.


So bitchy, so impatient and so bitter. Like the whole damn world owes me something. Say or do something wrong and I'll snap just like that.

By the way, The Princess was smoking in the toilet when Ken Lee entered like it's a normal thing to do. She was eating the Leibniz biscuit The Princess just bought. In the toilet. With ciggie smoke all over. In the toilet. With ciggie smoke all over. Did she mention the toilet?

She's so weird that's why they clicked so well. Both alpha female living under the same roof. Both also complaint queen. Bitchy complaint queen. Do not be fooled by her sweet look. She's anything but sweet, while The Princess has lost count the number of times someone comes running to her telling her she looks fierce/cold/unapproachable/fill in the blank with synonym of your choice.

On a lighter note, see the bruise on The Princess' leg? That's the peril of flying. Kena hit by bloody meal carts lar, bang into legs of passengers who conveniently extend their legs across the aisle lar or kena scratched by all kind of protruding surfaces.

By the way, both of them are crazy over Dewa's cover of I Want To Break Free. Go download, play it when you feel like smashing your laptop but can't afford to do so.
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Of Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf

Sunday, June 03, 2007
Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf in The Sandpit. So happy to find a Malaysia/Singapore brand in The Sandpit.

What more, talked to the branch manager who's a bloke from Kota Bharu. As usual, he's complaining about how boring The Sandpit is. Happy to have you in the club, dude.

But then hor, the latte is a bit tasteless lor. Be more generous with the espresso lar. But then again the milk in The Sandpit is more watery, so start importing Magnolia milk from Malaysia.

TV is spoilt, DVD player is gone, wireless modem couldn't run so she and Ken Lee need to take turns to come online - life is pretty sucky at the moment.

They went to Carrefour just now and bought supplies to last a world war. Had to clean so many pieces of chicken as Ken Lee dare not clean it, too icky she said. In return she helped to clean the prawns. See, they are co-existing in mutualism just fine.

Oh my god, they're turning into boring housewives!
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Of Moving House

Friday, June 01, 2007
Mama Tju texted when The Princess was in London to inform her they have moved to the new house.

Gee, thanks for informing.

The first thing in her reply was to ask Mama Tju to make sure her pet iguana is kept away from direct sunlight as he could not regulate his body temperature.

P/S Did you know iguana has three eyes and two penises?

Now ain't he adorable?
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He Says, She Says

Royal Entourage