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Selamat Hari Merdeka, Malaysia

Thursday, August 30, 2007
Couldn't get access to the net these few days, so The Princess takes this opportunity to wish all Malaysians,

Selamat Hari Merdeka.

Came across this interesting article in Malaysia Today on civil disobedience. As she's away and her clothings for the next 6 days have been sorted out (nothing of yellow, by the way), The Princess shall fly a digital flag with a strip of yellow cloth (borrow your flag ya, Raja Petra).
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Of Being Politically Correct

Monday, August 27, 2007
I'm not a feminist, I'm an equalist. (Why burn bras when you can burn all the MCPs?)

I'm not a racist, I just practise selective discrimination.

So sue me.
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Happy Birthday, Cal Dear!

Friday, August 24, 2007
Happy Birthday, Cal Dear!

Tju is sorry she was not back to celebrate it with you, but I hope you had a good one all the same. Please just don't tell her the celebration was alcohol-fuelled lest she feel tulan.

Halfway to go before we hit the good old 30s. Gasp. It seems just yesterday when we used to tapau nasi goreng sotong tambah cili padi in Block C. Reminiscing the good old days when life was much simpler and joy was having some nerd computer whiz to code our programming assignments.

Promise I will be back in December to attend your engagement, ok? Make sure you serve champagne, Tju wants champagne!

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Of 5 Girls and A Drinking Place

Wednesday, August 22, 2007
I have to share these videos. The Princess took it when Jac was super high. To quote Jojo, "Fatt seet lar, fatt seet lar (Go let it out, go let it out)".

That night was girls' night out to celebrate our 2 years in The Sandpit. 2 years! Can you imagine that? Well I, for one, couldn't. All the moaning and whining and time passes by just like that.

I'm glad I have a bunch of good friends here to share my joy and sorrow, to pull in the line a little when I go too far, to share my deepest, darkest secrets, friends who lend a shoulder to cry on. And occasionally give a piece of their minds when I get too smart for good.

To Ken Lee (my favourite housemate!) - I predict great things from you. Such mature thinking at such young age. Atta, girl!

To Jacklyn - There is rainbow after rain (or so I would like to believe). Let go and let live. You've been so strong all this while, what's a small ripple in your pond? And you're right, he's not my type.

To Jojo - I always imagine if I had an elder sister, she would be someone just like you. Always so calm, so collected and as cool as cucumber, nothing could affect you. Only sometimes a bit the bo feel lar.

To Klyie - Although you can't be there with us, we do think of you. Always so caring and helpful, nothing is of much bother to you. Please cook more nutritious soup for Diana to drink, ok?

I made my speech, so here goes - Camwhore moments!

Barbeque wings

Spaghetti in creamy fungi sauce with grilled prawns

BKK photographer taught how to pose one

Jac ready to tango in the toilet....

So Diana also follow lar

Cheers, I'm red as lobster

In case you're wondering, Ken Lee is wearing Kalliopi Red lipstick

Batchmates and one sesat batchmate

Feel like chopping off the fingers

Bitches on prowl

Standard briefing room look (except Jojo,
who's happy no matter where)

Que sera, sera, but may our special bond be as strong as ever.

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Of Torres-fic Strike

Monday, August 20, 2007
Sob..sob..I missed Liverpool's season opener against Chelsea. Cable tv is too expensive here in The Sandpit. Anyway, am happy that Torres scored on his home debut. Saw the goal clip and what a goal. Ben Haim has no chance. Very encouraging sign instead.

Just bloody shoot the referee. Now when is Heinze arriving?
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Bali, Indonesia

Monday, August 20, 2007
Bali was fun. Rented a car and went around sightseeing. From sea to mountains, The Princess covered them.

With travel mate, Costina

Their supir (driver), Agus, is great. He took them wherever they wanted. Whenever The Princess has questions or saw something unusual, he would explain with great details. Like they saw this huge statue and he just stopped the car and helped them to take pictures.

Patung Satria Gatotkaca

First stop was the beach. They went to Geger Beach as it is more secluded, hence less tourists and pesky people trying to sell you ice-cream to manicure.

Pura Geger perched on the cliff

After risking third-degree burn, Agus took them to Mt. Batur. 2 hours drive up the winding mountain road, with a pit stop halfway to visit a farm producing coffee, cocoa, vanilla to spices like cloves and cinnamon.

Cocoa fruit

The white flesh of the fruit is sourish, the seeds are bitter (this is
where cocoa powder comes from)

Vanilla plant

Coffee plant

Trying out hand-rolled local tobacco

Roasting coffee beans

With Agus behind (poor guy's half a head is being cropped off)

Clean, crisp mountain air

After buying some buah salak (snake fruit), they continued their journey up Mount Batur. Maunt Batur is a sacred mountain according to Balinese. It is still an active volcano, with the latest eruption taken place in 1994.

Mt. Batur in the background

Outside a Balinese restaurant

Beautiful view of rice terrace

Every Balinese family has a family temple. Various festivals and celebrations take place in the family temple, from birth to death. And every village has their own temple as well. They stopped by a village temple, Pura Puseh to have a look.

Entrance gate of pura is huge and intricately carved. The entrance is a split gate, with each side taking the shape of a right triangle. This symbolises the mountain, a revered element in Bali representing the source of life.

He looks as if he's crying blood, no?

Folks practising gamelan

A lady weaving the sesajen tray from coconut leaves

Stone carving depicting various stories could be found

The Princess realised she loves taking picture of roofs

The Princess went white water rafting as well. Fun but tiring, not because of rafting itself, but because all the participants had to climb hundreds of stairs after lunch in order to board the van waiting at the top of the mountain! Her knees were practically shaking upon reaching the top.

All geared up

Stopped by a waterfall before continuing

Yup, they climbed all the way up the slippery waterfall

After all the hard work, they were rewarded with lunch buffet

Balinese spa is amazing. The Princess signed up for a 3-hour course in Galuh Bali Spa inclusive of body massage, body scrub and polish, milk bath and hair cream bath. All for about RM150.

The brighly coloured spa centre

Intricately carved Balinese door

The cosy private spa room

Rose petals strewn milk bath

Bali, love it. Even loved the kitschy Bintang t-shirts.

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