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Review: Jogoya Japanese Buffet

Friday, August 11, 2006
The Princess had cravings for Japanese food since last month, so yesterday she decided to give Jogoya in Starhill Gallery a try. She reached at 9pm, but dinner time was ending at 9.30 pm so she loitered around Starhill for 30 mins as she was too cheap to pay for the price of dinner.

Dinner (till 9.30pm) - RM 88++
Supper (frm 9.30pm) - RM 77++

Anyway, special mention must be made as a trolley filled with cookies, desserts (some pudding/jelly) and drinks were stationed for the refreshement of customers waiting outside the restaurant for the clock to strike 9.30.

After settling the bill, The Princess was ushered into the restaurant and showed a table. The interior was tastefully decorated and spacious,too. Private rooms were also available.

Once settled, The Princess made a beeline for the sashimi counter. Oysters, salmon, scallops, king crabs, prawns, bamboo shellfish and the likes were displayed on bed of dry ice to keep it fresh. All the seafood were indeed fresh save for the oyster - The Princess immediately threw it out after putting one into her mouth as there was a weird smell to it. Maybe that particular oyster had gone bad, but she was traumatised so much so she decided to skip oyster altogether.

To make the most out of Jogoya, skip sushi and hand rolls (starchy rice only makes you full faster).

From the Western food counter, there were baked fish and meats topped with cheese in cute little bowls. Usual Western favourites such as black pepper chicken and grilled lamb were also available. At another station, fresh assorted fish are available, cooked according to your liking. The Princess opted for cod fish, and it didn't disappoint - every bite was sweet and fresh!

Japanese snacks and finger food were also available. Prawn tempura (the batter was too thick for my liking), all kinds of balls and durian puff. Nothing special here. Hotpots and paper steamboats with different varieties were aplenty. The seafood hotpot with king crab was so-so, so The Princess let the crab boiled longer to infuse the sweetness of the crab into the soup.

Drinks-wise, you can choose from soft drinks to juices, but go for the whole young coconuts. Oh, Swiss ice-creams were available near the drink station, so do not miss out as The Princess totally loves the vanilla and strawberry flavour. Made from real vanilla and strawberries (you can actually see the black vanilla bean specks in the ice-cream), it was a sweet ending to the otherwise moderate food.

If you're a fan of Japanese buffet, I'd say give Jogoya a miss as it's not truly an authentic Japanese affair.

Good Lord, now I know how python feels after a meal - I don't have to eat for the next 1 week. Burp.
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Of Money and Happiness

Tuesday, August 01, 2006
Princess' friend asked her a question out of the blue today.

Can money buy happiness?

The Princess' answer?

Well, money can't buy happiness, but it certainly makes achieving happiness easier.

What do you think?

P/S The Princess is too darn lazy to update her blog lately, so this serves as one of those who-said-I-didn't-update-my-blog excuse.
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