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Of Scurrying Around in The Year of Rat

Thursday, February 28, 2008
I worked too hard. Seriously. No time to update this blog although I have tons of materials waiting to be uploaded.

Went back for CNY early this month and even to recall the hurdles I had to go through sent shivers down my spine. It was HORRIBLE to put it mildly.

Anyway, was very happy when I finally reached Melaka. And pengsan-ed for a whole day. As usual, Mama Tju was busy preparing for CNY. Cleaning the house, putting finishing touches to decoration and preparing ingredients for the reunion dinner. This year was the first time we had reunion dinner at home (no more going back to my paternal grandma's house cause she passed away late last year). That also meant we couldn't hang "ang chai" (long strip of red cloth hanged above the door) and less ang pow (red packet containing money usually given to singles from married couples) as the whole family was still considered in mourning.

On the day before new year eve, Smelly came and visited us. I haven't seen him for a whole year and my, he has certainly grown a lot! As usual, Mama Tju was busy pampering him for the short time he was here.

Our favourite boy in the world, Smelly

Mama Tju lovingly fed Smelly cherry

I love new year as I have a valid reason to stuff myself silly with all the nice foods and cookies (although it seems I always have a reason to do so anyway). My favourite dishes are the chu du tang (pig intestines soup) and chun chuen (spring roll), Mama Tju's star dishes.

Our simple but delicious reunion lunch

Chu du tang (Pig intestines soup with ayam kampung,
fish maw and whole black peppers)

Fragrant king prawns fried in butter and oats and
sprinkled liberally with cili padi

Mixed vegetables with shrimps and scallops

Chun chuen (spring roll stuffed with minced pork, fish, shrimps, water chestnut,
spring onions, shiitake mushrooms and carrots)

Lor ak (Braised duck in five spice powder)

Not to forget, kickass super duper spicy cili padi planted by Grandma
(the maternal side one, not the dead one, silly)

Of course, new year is not complete without camwhoring for a bit. The Tju sisters (especially the younger one) does it very well.

New year must wear gold/red

Adik Tju and I

Mama Tju also like to camwhore, actually

With Adik Tju - Notice Papa Tju
munching something in the background

On the second day of new year, we balik kampung our maternal grandma's house in Nilai. It is always very festive here as all my uncles, aunties and cousins will congregate and the number is not small. Of course, here we will participate in our favourite pastime - gambling! This year upgrade OK, we even played mahjong in addition to Blackjack. I tried my hand in mahjong (2 cousins were supervising me so I only throw away the correct tiles) and I had very good beginner's luck. In one round, I even had 3 birds, am kong (four of the same tiles) and jie mo (game by self drawing the winning tile). Haha.

Camwhore before going to Grandma's house

Another use for high heels

With Mama Tju and cow and black spotted ball with tail (?)

I told you Mama Tju likes to camwhore

Kaki judi in action

My cousins glued to the television

My super Ah Beng cousin

See that guy above? Looks very scary right? But he's my partner in crime as he'll always jaga air whenever I need *ehem* oxygen.

With my 2nd auntie (in purple) and 5th auntie (in brown)

When I was young, she always buy clothes and peek-a-boo books
for me from Singapore

Finally, this year, I got to meet up with Mae and Anne. Anne has put off so much weight I could barely recognise her. Seriously. A tad unhealthy, if you ask me. Anne, better put on some weight so your head doesn't look that big and'll look gorgeous.

Standing (L-R): Jess and Cal
Sitting (L-R): Anne, Mae and I

Also managed to meet up with Ken Lee and Jac before going to Jordan for a short holiday with Joanne. Jojo was back as well as she has 3 days off, and we decided to have dinner at Alexis. Jac officially introduced her husband-to-be, Nesh.

Little Amelita's like going to cry any moment - muka kesian

Nesh talking with Kong Kong (Jojo's bf)

My FHM misses me too much

Jojo forced me to take a solo shot of her with Ah Kong

Ken Lee and Siah camwhoring

Okok, enough about the people, let's talk about the food.


Duck confit

Can't remember what pizza we ordered

Seafood pasta

Chicken and mushroom pie

Mee Siam - Jojo too long never come back
until have to order mee siam in Alexis (??)

Verdict? The food is so-so only. We're not even tempted by the cakes.

Yum char at Black Canyon after dinner

The coffee cannot make it lor

And that's how the year of Rat goes scurrying past.

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Of This Body Broken

Wednesday, February 27, 2008
I don't know how they do it, but I just can't stand ultra-long flights. It felt like my body was being smashed into pieces afterwards. It took me 2 days to recover post-flight.

As much as I love KIX, I'm glad I don't have to do it next month.
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Of A Very Dirty Valentine

Saturday, February 16, 2008
How did you spend your Valentine's Day?

I spent mine with Joanne covering each other with thick, black mud before frolicking in Dead Sea, taking turns to soap off one another.

Here's a V-Day tribute video from Post Secret, enjoy. Quite touching actually, if you could get over the mushiness.

Now go throw mandarin oranges into some river.
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