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Wednesday, June 28, 2006
Oh, woe be me! It's full! All the flights to KUL, SIN and BKK are full! KNLBYCCB. I just want to fucking go back home. What's the use annual leave ticket if it's not a confirmed seat. Excuse me while I go and break some furnitures.
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Of Goals and Eye Candy

Monday, June 26, 2006


The Azzuri go up against the Socceroos today. Let's hope for an exciting game with plenty of goals unlike those of England (God help Sven) and Portugal. Not to mention lots of eye candies too.

Ladies, go wild!

Forza Italia!

P/S Not a very inspiring win, but a win is a win is a win. Yay, we're through the final 8. Yay! So, would it be against the land of chocolates or the land of er... gymnasts?

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Of Friday's, Pasar Malam and Nose Bleed

Wednesday, June 14, 2006
Yesterday, The Princess and friends decided to go for some retail theraphy. Upon setting foot in City Center, they decided to have dinner first before hitting the stores. They were in the mood for something nice (read:more expensive), so they settled for Friday's.

My hair is very long already hor

As The Princess was on a no-meat diet, she had no choice but to settle for the Seafood Platter. Princess MoMo decided to go for the Club House Steak while Ken Lee opted for BBQ Ribs.

After much stomach grumblings, the food arrived.

Ken Lee's BBQ Ribs consisted of a hug rack of ribs smothered with thick BBQ sauce served with corn on the cobs and Hush Puppies (Don't worry, no dogs were harmed in preparing this dish. It was only mashed potatoes with bits of vege shaped into balls the size of Kenny Sia's and deep-fried).

Nice rack you've got...I mean the ribs, of course.

The Princess asked Ken Lee to describe the ribs.

"'s so juicy and tender and bursting with smoked BBQ taste. Want some?"


The Seafood Platter next made it's appearance.

Seafood Platter

It was nothing to shout about, just your standard seafood platter with hand-battered prawns, fish and calamari rings. It came accompanied with mixed vegetables, fries and 3 types of sauce - tartar, tomato salsa and USO (Unidentified Saucy Object). The USO tasted real weird. You know the type of small, brown ants which emit horrible smell that you like to crush when young? Well, USO tasted exactly like that.

Trying out Princess MoMo's new Sony T-30 Micro Mode

Princess MoMo's Club House Steak kinda made up for the disappointing Seafood Platter. A piece of prime US beef steak wrapped with bacon with a side serving of mixed greens and 3 big scoops of mash potatoes. The meat was tender and well-marinated as every bite was infused with the aroma of the secret sauce. The mash was a bit too bland for The Princess' liking - not cheesy enough.

Club House Steak

After stuffing themselves silly - shopping! MNG was having sale, but upon entering the shop, it was total chaos! Piles and piles of clothes being rummaged, bags were thrown everywhere and the queue was damn long, our local pasar malam seemed more inviting.

The damage for the day:

1 small purse
1 set of sleepwear
1 t-shirt

Lingerie from Jennyfer Secret

You think Princess' bf would have nose-bleed seeing her in this?
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