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Of Valentine's Day 2007

This is another backdated post of hers. Valentine's Day this year is the second time in a row The Princess and the royal gang didn't get to celebrate with their loved ones back home. In one of those rare days, the whole gang was in and decided to dine out.

Tortilla chips and beans

Barbequed beef ribs and fries

Crunchy prawns and steak with cheesy mash potatoes

Shrimp skewers and savoury rice

In short, this is the first and last time they would visit Applebee's. The food sucks.

The night continued in a club. The most pathetic thing one could do in The Sandpit is to go clubbing. She went once, didn't like it and after this time, it only further cements her dislike. 80% of the guys there are just there to pick up girls. OK, so that applies everywhere not only in The Sandpit, but once they have stepped into the club, all eyes were on them, making The Princess felt damn uncomfortable. It's like they are literally undressing you with their eyes.

Jac and so-miang-look-can-die Ken Lee

Eksyen (proud) look

They were bloody freezing and managed a smile

With Jojo

Dancing Queen - Jac doing her thing

Walau, Jac, you can bloody shake! They want to take lessons, can?

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