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Of MIA (That's Missing In Action In Case You're Wondering, Stupid)

Ken Lee and Jojo are complaining how come I did not update this blog of mine lately. Ken Lee I can understand, being 5 hours ahead of me, but Jojo, I'm only living like ONE floor above you lor.

Truth is, there's nothing much to write about. I have sunk into a new level of depression. From acute loneliness. My last housemate left few days ago so I now officially live alone. By myself. Have been hanging around Jac and Joanne's place these past few days as I couldn't get online (the fuse in the modem adapter fried) and the wicked grip of loneliness keeps tighten it's hold around my neck I need to escape from it.

Joanne and I decorated Christmas tree in her house (Yaya, a bit early I know, but who cares). Strip of blinking fairy lights going round and round the tree with gold beaded chain running vertically across the top of the tree. We then casually hanged gold and red balls, angels, bells and red ribbons on it. All the wrapped presents were placed underneath the tree, spilling onto the floor. When the tree was lighted up, Joanne and I sat around and watched it. It's beautiful.

Jac just came back from a date and I was thinking, damn woman, you haven't been on a date yourself for ages. No wonder I am anal retentive. The thrill of picking out a dress then putting it back and taking out a dozen other dresses and then eventually settling on the first one. Rushing to put on make-up and do the hair because that damn dress took too much of your time and realising you haven't done your nails nor pick out the shoes and bag. Oh, the horror of it!

And after much work, your date finally arrives and knocks on the door, takes your hand and whisks you to a fancy restaurant. The two of you will have nice food and wine accompanied by interesting conversation. And he commenting on how fabulous/witty/intelligent/amusing you are. And the night ends with a peck on your cheek at the door before saying goodbye, leaving you all flushing and happy and short of breath.

*Zip back to reality*

Nah, so not my type of date.'ll be nice once in a while. Like when you're suffering from acute loneliness.

Like now.

Ok, I need a date. Pronto.

2 curtsies received:

Is it common? I mean, I get lonely too even when I'm surrounded by people.

Is it a crew syndrome?

We're surrounded by people no doubt, but almost usually too brief to make any real impression or connection.

Add to that yours truly here likes to hide in the galley. And living in some God-forsaken place (like The Sandpit) only serves to worsen the condition.

I read somewhere in a forum that other crew have the same sydrome too. Thank God, cos for a while I thought something was wrong with me.

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