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Hey guys, I'm doing a lil promotion for my sister. She's starting her own boutique business soon, but for now she's having a jumble sale of clothes on her website. All clothes are once worn by her (second hand, I know, but all are in AS-GOOD-AS-NEW condition). And they're being sold at ROCK BOTTOM prices! I know! Isn't it exciting?

Did I mention my sis has excellent sense of dressing? (Eat your heart out, Vicki B.)

So all you fashionistas out there, do drop by and have a look. You're bound to be pleased with what you see-guaranteed.
3 curtsies received:

Yo Diana, its Siang Loong here, hope you still remember me?

my my my, besides havin a DJ voice, look much you hav changed man, properly trimmed and lots of low (x2) cut blouses LOL you look darn gorgeous and stylish yo!

do you hav msn or sumthing? do email me your contacts ya. haven't heard from u for ages.

Siang Loong! How the hell did you manage to end up reading my blog?

And since when I have a DJ voice? Haha.

Yor, never check my blog profile. My MSN contact is there. Add me ok, we can gossip :P

si diana boleh tolong *book* that pinky dress fm ur sis sales ar ??

*SuperFly Printed Strapless Shirred Back Tunic*

i want i want !!

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