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Of God Loves Nana

Dear God,

If you're really God, please please please make Nana's eye recover. My heart ached when I finally got to see how bad his eye was last week. My heart bleeds when I called Mum today and she said Nana's eye got worse. Even so when I'm so far away and could only imagine God-knows what pain he's going through.

Dear God,

You know I seldom ask anything from you, but this time, please if you can, make Nana recover. I know you love Nana more than I do. You're not really serious about making him wearing an eye patch (like Jack Sparrow), are you?

Nana's swollen like guli(marble) eye

Peeps, if you know any good vet specializing in reptiles in Melaka or PJ/KL, do let me know. I brought Nana to a vet last week and the vet gave an antibiotic shot to Nana. She also gave some antibiotic tablets and eye drop. Nana has finished all the pills. However, his eye got worse after applying the eye drop, so Mama Tju stopped the eye drop immediately.

So please, if you happen to read this and know a good vet or encounter similar problem or have any info that could help me, do drop me a line.

Here's a wet tongue flick from Nana (he does that alot).
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