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Of Hit and Miss

Got back the 2 rolls of film on my Holga and made the costliest mistake - the shutter switch was at Bulb position all the time. I remembered setting it to Normal, so I guess it accidentally got pushed to Bulb. I finished almost 2 rolls before I realized the mistake, hence most of the photos came out blurry! The guy at the photo lab must be chuckling when he saw the photos. And each photo costs roughly RM 4, from the cost of the film to have it developed, scanned and printed. Ouch.

The last few photos that came out OK after I realized my mistake (not colour corrected or edited by PS whatsoever).

Taken in Manhattan - I love how the flag pops out from the shot

Taken in Bleecker Street

Alice in Wonderland - Taken in Yau Ma Tei, not sure those are light leaks
or the effect of subjecting the film to too much X-ray scan

And sample of the super blurry shots (tape that switch to N position,dammit).

And only a noob like me could have produced something like this.

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