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I'm Sick

I'm sick of working with lazy Indian crews who basically do nothing but a waste to space and oxygen. I'm sick of crews who pretend they know everything but inserted 4 compendiums in a 2-seater. I'm sick of sucking up to gay CSD who acts like bitch on Prozac just so that I don't get hell in a 7 hours flight. I'm sick of being moved around like a pawn in a chess game just because some people do things in their favour and decide I should suffer instead. I'm sick of flight deck who gets all worked up when a Muslim converts to Christian and proceeds to proclaim later on "ex-Soviet countries girls are easy".

I'm sick, sick, sick.
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I echo your thoughts.

I was especially sick of doing the work of 2 people just because the other lazy ass was 'busy' with something else.

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