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Of Shedding The Old Skin

A new year, a new skin for my blog (hey, even my Nana needs to shed his skin every other month). Wicked isn't it, this new facelift?

Friends often said I complain too much. Like to pick on the petty side of life. Moan and groan about the slightest thing. Wash, rinse, repeat.

And so, I'd like to take a new direction with this blog. A picture blog. Let the pictures do all the moaning and lamenting. But of course, I'm allowed to rant once in a while. You don't want me turning into a psycho now, do you?

That picture above was taken last Sept, when Joanne and I went traveling in Central Europe. I still remember that day, walking the length of the Walls of Dubrovnik under the scorching Adriatic sun. The sunlight so bright we're squinting our eyes with the same urgency like a child holding her pee. And then the Bell Tower rang. It's good to be alive isn't it, because then you get to experience moments that fill your senses to the brim.

Happy New Year. May the new year be a blessed one for all.

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