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Of Tulan-ness

The Princess is bloody tulan. No words can describe the degree of tulan-ness she's experiencing now.

Her Vaio got vandalised. Deep indentation marks at the bottom left corner of the keyboard. The thing is, she didn't know who did it and what causes it. Bloody tulan lor. It's like getting pregnant without having sex, putting on weight without touching a single bar of chocolate, your number buka the day you forgot to buy after 10 years of religiously buying it. Pukimak chau cheebye.

She's pretty sure something acidic or very hot fluid causes it, as she can see the mark of trickling liquid down the side of the laptop. Whatever it is, it must be something really potent to be able to chip the casing of the laptop.

But the million dollar question is who bloody did it? The door was locked, and frankly, if someone break in, he/she might just as well carry off the laptop bag. You think what, conscience strucked the burglar at the last minute is it, and because the burglar is inherently evil, he/she must do something bad like disfiguring The Princess' laptop to leave his/her mark?

She had an ill-foreboding when she came back from Singapore this morning, as she saw her headset lying on the coffee table. As forgetful as she is, she remembers distinctly packing her laptop, headset, battery and portable HDD into the laptop bag. This morning, she booted the laptop and was editing some photos on PS when she saw the disfigured part of the laptop just as she was about to hit the Shift key.

Whoever did this, die you. May your face grow warts so big people thought you have 3 noses. May curly, black hairs grow inside your ears. May your fingers grow hard and gnarly like the aerial roots of a mangrove tree. May all the bacterias ever known to a gynaecologist infest in your nether region.

Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.
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