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Of Kung Fu Fighting Crabs

When The Princess was back in PJ a fortnight ago, she went to this seafood restaurant in Selayang (as it was highly recommended by Friedchillies) as Ken Lee was bugging non-stop for crabs.

Jin Chan is a seafood supplier, boasting tanks and tanks of seafood from live Alaskan Crabs, Boston Lobsters, Mexican Geoduck and whatnots. Names of hotels are plastered across some tanks, indicating seafood to be delivered to the kitchens of these hotels. Price wise, it's a little on the steep side but no doubt, the seafood is alive and kicking right into the wok. After choosing the seafood and paying for them, the seafood was sent to the restaurant next door to be cooked to their liking.

Bei Hai is a Chinese restaurant with a twist. See, apart from specializing in Chinese cuisine, they prepare a pretty mean version of the local mee goreng mamak. The server will recommend cooking style for each seafood should you be clueless.

Dishes arrived a short period after. They ordered mantis prawns fried with salt. Pretty good actually, if not for the expensive price.

Next up was baked escargots thermidor style. Instead of lying in their shells, the snails were fleshed out, chopped into pieces and smothered in thick mozarella and ham bits. Eat this dish while it's hot, as it can develop an unpleasant smell once cold.

This was followed by steamed tiger prawns with egg gravy poured over. The gravy is pretty good, the wine in it really enhanced the freshness of the prawns.

Who would have thought a Chinese restaurant to make a pretty mean mee goreng mamak? The version here is slightly more wet and loaded with prawns, fish and squid pieces. The chef was heavy-handed in throwing in the cili padi (bird eye chilli) and hence, the mee goreng mamak really fire up the tastebuds. Love it!

Crabs cooked with salted egg yolks made the final entrance. The crabs thay day were pretty small, hence Ken Lee complained that the crabs went on a 3-day diet as there were not much flesh. Nevertheless, this dish pretty good.

Bei Hai charges a flat rate to cook each dish. The total bill came to about RM300 for 4 persons, including a dish of green vegetables. Would they return? Yes, only if someone is treating them dinner here as you can find restaurants with on-par quality seafood, if not better, at lower prices else where.
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