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Of No Good! Body Parts

Japan is not only Land of The Rising Sun, but also the land of vending machines, clear plastic umbrellas and innovative beauty products.

Too much standing? No good! Dry, wrinkly, duck-neck skin around your knees? No good! Pigmentation and dark patches on your knees? No good! But with anti knee aging scrub cream, you can now "wear skirt that comes to 10 centimeters above your knees".

In Malaysia, women are dieting away to achieve better figures. Some want to slim the arms, others lust for slimmer thighs and waist. There are also few who invest in creams and facials to create a slimmer face. But the Japanese is one step ahead. They have Diet Finger Cream. And now, achieving pointy, dainty fingers is possible! Perfect to show off your new Cartier ring.

This thing below is a puzzle.

Is it to soak up sweaty underarm? To lessen the friction between arm and body? Either way, trust the Japanese to come up with some obscure, bewildering ideas.

Now, what are you doing staring at the screen reading this blog instead of working? No good!
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haha.... like the diet finger pic.. wen did that happen?!

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