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Of Moon In Her Living Room

Nevermind that the Mid Autumn Festival is still 10 days away. The Princess and Ken Lee started hanging paper lanterns around the house. Once all the lanterns are lighted, they switched off the lights and invited Klyie and Jojo over.

Ken Lee lighting up the lanterns

See the "ghost" floats by

Pink lantern is the prettiest!

They were pretty good, only one lantern caught fire (and if you have played with one you know how easily they burn). But the curtain railing where they hung the lanterns melted a little at each end. Die, housing better don't come and check.

Residents of apartment No 6 & 7 wish everyone a happy Mid Autumn!

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How nice. Lanterns. It's been the longest time since I seen one of those. Let alone parade around with it. It's nice to have a bunch of friends sitting together for tea, enjoying the mooncake with lanterns hanging around in the garden.

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