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Of Black And White Italiannies

Met up with the girls at The Curve while The Princess was back in KL the other day. So the kesian, she didn't even sleep after touching down, just changed and rushed out to take a cab to TTDI for facial and haircut. When she arrived at Italiannies, the girls were already done with appetizer, nasib lar they have enough willpower to wait for The Princess before tucking into the main course (which had been sitting on the table).

Italiannies' star dish - Spaghetti with humongous meatballs

Fried calamari

Cappucino cream (Nothing cappucino about it)

Papa Yong then dropped by to pick up and drop off some stuff for Joanne. Jess recently bought a DSLR camera so she was playing around with it, but she couldn't get the setting right. So Piang stepped right in and started tweaking the setting (to the extent of asking Cal to shade the flash with tissue paper).

See the pro at work

FYI, Jess was wearing the working outfit for the next day
cos she'd be staying over at her BF's place and she was too lazy to pack

Stripes are in

While they were tinkering with their prosumer camera,The Princess
was snapping away using her digital camera on Auto mode

Then it's time to go back to hotel to meet up with Mama Tham to pass her airticket. She gave a few boxes (5 to be exact) of jelly mooncakes for the girls in The Sandpit. Thanks, Mama Tham, they were delicious! But oh, the agony of lugging around 5 boxes of fragile mooncakes in trolley bag was killing.

By the way, the photos nice or not? The Princess was Photoshop-perimenting with black and whites to produce different effects.
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