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Of My Poor Nana

I got to know from bro that my Nana got injured a few days back. So I called Mum and she confirmed this. Apparently, one of Nana's eye is swollen (like a guli) and Mum suspects that he accidentally poked his eye at a loose wire from the cage.

Mum couldn't bring him to the vet as he will run away and start bobbing his head whenever she goes near him. He must be in pain now and terrified for sure. I wish I was back home, holding him and calming him down. But thankfully, he's eating as usual.

Nana, get well soon ok? Don't start running away or thrashing around else Mum couldn't bring you the the vet. And then you'll end up blind and have to wear an eye patch.
4 curtsies received:

Dear Nana,

It's been 2 weeks. Are you feeling better now? *giving you lots of doggie love*

i can imagine how cute ur dog is :D

Thanks, guys. I called Mama Tju and she said the swell has reduced substantially.

Btw, Nana is not a dog. He's an iguana :)

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