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I live in total darkness. The last light in the bedroom went off before I left the house. The living hall bulbs burnt ages ago. I'm transported back to stone age. Give me my club and leopard-skin wraparound.

Now excuse me while I go hunt for tonight's dinner.
4 curtsies received:

hey do u work for EK as well? cos my room lights went out 3 mths ago and they only fixed it for me yesterday. God, talk about inefficiency!

Hey, I don't, I work for The Flying Goat Company. It's a normal occurence in the Gulf, I guess. I mean, the bulbs hardly burnt back home, but here you gotta change them every week.

yeah agree. need 2 change them so often it's sickening. ahhh is it da maroon colour flying goat? haha

Haha, yes, the famous (for all the wrong reasons) maroon Flying Goat. Membawa kamu secara lebih peribadi (direct translation lar). Wah, my bahasa still boleh pakai.

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