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Of Massage and Kamasutra

The Princess just came back from submitting the Japan visa application. Fingers crossed, it will be approved very soon and whee....she'll be in Japan in 2 weeks' time, hopefully in time for some hanami action.

Last week was fun, as The Princess and Princess MoMo got to meet up with Ken Lee in Singapore. However, they took 3 freaking hours to finally print all the documents needed for visa. Finding a Japanese text reader, installing it and then the printer had to act up.

Finally they were able to go for a very-late dinner, canceling the earlier plan to grab a drink at bar because Ken Lee was leaving Singapore at midnight. Damn not syiok lor the feeling, as Princess MoMo had to get the idea of alcohol into The Princess' mind earlier. Luckily, the char chan teng serves alcohol and she ordered a beer to make up for the alco-disappointment.

Braised beef noodles

Crispy noodles Cantonese style

Baked cheese rice with chicken wings

Stuffed yu tiau in black pepper sauce

In Jakarta the next day, they went to Lembur Kuring for dinner. All the while The Princess was telling them they're going to Lembur Kuring for dinner, but all they heard was Lembu Kuning (Yellow Cow). They ordered Gurame Goreng, Daging Sapi Hot Plate, Tauhu Sumbat, Kangkung Goreng Belacan and of course, Bintang draught.

Tauhu Sumbat Seafood (Stuffed Beancurd)- Crispy outside, with vegetables and shrimps stuffed inside

Gurame Goreng (Crispy Gurame Fish)

Daging Sapi Hot (Plate Hot Plate Beef)

Kangkung Goreng Belacan (Fried Water Convolvus in Dried Shrimp Paste)

Swing, swing....

L-R: Farra, Dilah, The Princess and Princess MoMo

Spending their free day in Taman Anggerek, they went for Thai massage, manicure and pedicure. She had to blog about the Thai massage. It was great! Who would have thought to find excellent Thai massage in Indonesia. Heck, it's like the Karmasutra of Thai massage, if you would have it. One moment she was lying on her back, the next she was being flipped over and bent over, rolled around and pressed at all the right places. However, there was a fleeting moment she thought she's going to end up hurt when the lady masseur (she's big, by the way) stood on her back holding onto the railing above. Using just her big toe, she pressed 3 different sections of her spine, her bone creaked so loud it was bone-chilling. The Princess had one of the best sleep that night.

And oh, the next time you're in Jakarta, do get some Banana and Chocolate Bread from Bread Talk. It's so yummy!

In Singapore, The Princess finally pay a visit to Vivo City at Harbourfront after months of procrastination. Nothing much there, just the same old, same old shops selling the same old, same old stuff.

Harbourfront view

Princess MoMo brought her to Sushi Tei for dinner and they had, what else - salmon belly. The Princess is going to gorge herself silly with salmon belly in Japan, she just can't get enough of them.

She was thinking to herself the other day, if ever scientist is able to find the missing link between a person's body shape or metabolism rate, she's the first to volunteer for gene therapy. It's so unfair. Princess MoMo could eat whatever she wants and still stay slim. How unfair!

Diana, life's a bitch, get over it.

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