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Of Panadol Moment

The Princess will be going to Japan for holiday this coming April and planning the trip is doing her head in. Language barrier aside, why does Japan need so many railways, with different operators at that, some even going to the same place? Pening, pening....

And the Japan embassy better bloody approves her visa, as hotel reservations have been made and tickets bought. Otherwise, she's going to start cursing again.

Just came back from Bangkok yesterday and as usual, shopping is fantastic! She went to the newly opened Platinum Wholesale Center and bought a few dresses, top and accessories. 6,7 floors of shops to satisfy your shopping frenzy. However, the quality of goods are not really up to par, and you got to sieve through the many shops to find gems. If only the other princess (aka her sister) is with her, she's pretty sure her sis would shop a storm in Bangkok.

She didn't get to enjoy Tom Yum Goong as well, as the 2 stalls in Platinum all ran out of it. So she compensate with bird's nest with ginkgo tongsui. Ya lar, ya lar, she knows bird's nest is nothing more than swiftlet's saliva excretion with no scientifically proven medicinal properties, but what if?

That aside, you know what irks The Princess the most? Liars. Lousy liars, the worst. They weaved some lies with holes so big a meteorite can fit right through it. Pfftt.

On a cheery note, stupid Vaio vandaliser, is your face covered in warts yet? She could double her curse if you want.
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hey! if you need help to decode Japan JR Rail plan, let me know.


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