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Of Nightmare In Libya

Why why why me?!

As if 2 days TIP-CMN is not tiring enough, there was a technical problem with the aircraft door while in transit in TIP. Reason? The staircase truck fucking banged the L4 door and caused 2 holes. So we were nicely stranded for 4 hours in TIP while waiting for go-no go from Airbus to take off. We took off naturally, the captain just wanted something in black and white to support the decision to take off in case something should happen like decompression or the whole L4 door is ripped out pulling the CS along.

Surprisingly, the pax are nice (well, most of them anyway). But not the flight going to TIP-CMN. I got shouted at TWICE. And I'm in the galley, not even in the cabin! These people are so aggresive and impatient I don't know why.

Thank God Joanne was there to hear me whine and moan. Nicely using all the curse words in Bahasa and Cantonese in the cabin loudly.

I can't feel my legs now. I have crossed the boundary from exhaustion into super alertness. I will now have my 17-hours' worth of (or rather lack of) fag.
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