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Happy Birthday, Cal Dear!

Happy Birthday, Cal Dear!

Tju is sorry she was not back to celebrate it with you, but I hope you had a good one all the same. Please just don't tell her the celebration was alcohol-fuelled lest she feel tulan.

Halfway to go before we hit the good old 30s. Gasp. It seems just yesterday when we used to tapau nasi goreng sotong tambah cili padi in Block C. Reminiscing the good old days when life was much simpler and joy was having some nerd computer whiz to code our programming assignments.

Promise I will be back in December to attend your engagement, ok? Make sure you serve champagne, Tju wants champagne!

1 curtsies received:

TJU, u remember!!!! :D
Jess & Piang treated me dinner at The Apartment so it was quite nice.

Not sure when is the date, but will tell u when its all set and definitely will server champagne and Shiraz for u ok?

Take care ya

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