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Of Papaya On My Back

The Princess, together with Joanne and a few colleagues, managed to visit the souq nearby the hotel while in Casablanca. The Princess was as listless as a zombie, after 24 hours of not sleeping. She had to force herself to wake up because she knew she wouldn't get Casablanca the next time (Please, no more TIP-CMN for her, please).

Flags of Morocco flying high - Easiest to draw flag, ever!

The weather was pleasant, cool and sunny. Everyone was hungry, so they decided to have lunch first. The Princess was craving for tajine. Tajine is basically a North African dish of meat slowly simmered with vegetables in aromatic spice sauce. After much hunting, they finally found a restaurant serving tajine, but they ran out of it. Craving unfulfilled.

Joanne's mix grilled meat

Ham and cheese pizza

Rahim's glass of dieter's nightmare

No tajine have to settle for pizza lar

They wandered into this typical Moroccan restaurant. The decoration is stunning. The walls are lavishly decorated with Moroccan-Moorish tiles. Even the ceilings and pillar arches are painted. Carved furnitures are carefully arranged and mosaic tables complete the look.

Large wooden Moorish door

The souq was bristling with activities, the small alleyways were lined with stalls. Vendors were peddling their wares from shoes, clothes, spices, hookahs, glass and ceramic ware to fruits and vegetables.

Look at the curious expression of the two kids

The rounded pots are ashtrays, while the pots with dome covers are tajine pots

Colourful Moroccan sandals

Joanne posing with glass hookahs

Just wanted something in Arabic as background

Old skool bike like my grandpa used to cycle

Colourful poofs of cuteness - So cute can die!

The Princess had her first hamman experience in the hotel. After risking dehydration in the super hot sauna room, she was brought into a warm room with a marble table in the middle and shower faucet at one end. After removing the bathrobe, a plump woman promptly gave her a few sprays of water before asking her to lie down on the cold marble slab. An unidentified black goo was smeared all over her body. The nice lady then put on a mitt and gleefully scrubbed away 80% of her epidermis. And she didn't miss a spot, oh no. No folds or creases were spared, The Princess was scrubbed clean and raw. And the amount of dirt that came off (She was shocked). Damn, you would have thought she was rolling in mud all day by the look of it. The hamman is completed when the lady gave her a shower (complete with shower gel and all). Suddenly The Princess was transported to back then when she was young and her mum used to give her showers.

Now she has baby smooth skin. Don't lar be jealous, ok?

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