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Of My Little Girl

My favourite girl in the whole world left 2 days ago. I wasn't there to see her off, but I prayed to God for good tailwind so the plane could speed up and send her safely back to KL.

My favourite girl couldn't wait to go home, but she didn't know she had to leave another "home" in order to do so. See, this "home" is very special, we have our Mama Joe, Auntie Jack, Auntie Joanne, Big Sister Klyie, yours truly and of course, our little girl. Somehow, this "home" feels weird without our favourite girl. She took a piece of us when she left that day, and this "home" will never be the same again.

My little girl couldn't cook, so we took turns cooking for her. And one fine day, she announced that she would cook soup. Naturally we were surprised, and the ABC soup since became her signature dish that fateful day onwards.

My little girl didn't know how to wash clothes. She fully covered the washing machine compartment with washing powder. She since learnt a cupful is enough when I exclaimed incredulously at the amount of washing powder being used.

My little girl simply loves fried chicken and fries, and would beg and pester and coax me into ordering KFC. And I would give in in the end, eventhough I'm not a big fan of fried food, just so to see my little girl smiles.

My little girl always came barging into my room whenever she's back from flight and would bitch incessantly. Never mind I was sleepy, I would lent her an ear (and most of the time join in the bitching session as well) so that my little girl would feel better getting stuff off her chest. And then she would make me noodles.

My little girl used to come back empty stomach from flight, but almost always greeted with home-cooked food. That was how pampered our little girl was.

My little girl, although young of age, taught me lessons I didn't know people her age were capable of. Like good finance managing. Like standing on your own two feet and working for what you want. Like following your head instead of heart, no matter how much that heart screams out to you. My little girl taught me it's OK to fall and cry, but to bounce back stronger than ever.

My favourite girl in the whole world left 2 days ago. And I wish her the best of things life could offer.
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