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Of O'zapft is

Due to her inherent laziness, The Princess couldn't drag herself to update her blog. Anyway, nothing of much interest is happening in her life, she had been busy attending classes last month.

Notice how she is always at the right place at the right time? Well, 2 days ago she was in Munich for Oktoberfest and it so happened that day was German Unity Day as well. Downside was apart from F&B outlets, all other shops were closed.

Wandering around the town before making their way to Oktoberfest

German white beer is not white also

Lunch for the day consisted of 3 types of sausage with sauerkraut (fermented cabbage)

She has always wanted to go to Oktoberfest and she must has done something right lately that God decided what a good little girl she has been and decided to reward her. Even the weather was behaving itself, cool and sunny. Karma is not always a bitch, yeah?

Merrymakers making their way to Oktoberfest

And it was crazy! Tens of thousands of people were thronging this huge are called d' Wiesn with 14 big tents erected, with each tent accommodating up to 7000 people! All kinds of rides were available and a few were definitely not for the faint-hearted. The carnival-like atmosphere were thick with the smell of food (bratwurst, roast chicken, popcorn, battered almond) wafting, screams from the rides and the merry chatter of people all around. Booze, food and rides - it's my kind of fantasy land comes true!

The souvenirs are damn kau expensive lor

I don't really like kids, but she's cute

Yeah, definitely longer than yours, mate!

Hippodrom - One of the many beer tents

Another tent

DND - Serious beer session ongoing

Atmosphere inside the tent

A brass band was playing on a platform at the middle of the tent. People were standing on benches singing along to the band and clapping and dancing. Only in Oktoberfest, Bavarians were out decked in traditional Bavarian costume (lederhosen for guys, dirndl for girls). The Princess so loved the dirndl she wanted to buy one, but it was too expensive, costing around €200 each. She thought the dirndl was cute and yet teasing at the same time. Oh well.

The 1-liter mug, Ma├čkrug

With friendly Germans whom we shared our table with

The hotel The Princess stayed in was just next to the English Garden, so the next day she went to have a leisure stroll. The greeneries was a refreshing change to the muted browns in The Sandpit (remember she was "imprisoned" in The Sandpit last month).

Autumn is here

Winter is coming. Anyone willing to donate winter coat to me?

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