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Of Fruitless Day

Want to hear something funny?

I checked into the hotel in Osaka at around 4.30pm, changed and went to downtown Dotonbori. As I only have about 1000 yen left from my previous Osaka trip, I didn't bother to change into more yen as I was thinking I could do so in town, as long as the money is enough to pay for my train fare.

So there I was, all excited and hyper (that's what happens when one passes the threshold of not sleeping for 24 hours) and hungry, making my way to town.

And I fucking walked for 3,4 hours without managing to find a money changer or bank in sight. In high heels. And I tried putting in all the cards I have into God-knows-how-many ATMs and every single one of them was rejected. The ATM here uses biometric identification for God's sake! I'm still on chip, OK?

And the best part was, I found this nice restaurant which I thought would have offered credit facilities. Luckily I asked before sitting down and ordered ten thousand items from the menu, because no, that restaurant doesn't accept credit card. And their ATMs fucking use biometric technology but their restaurants don't even recognize those nifty plastic cards so essential in this modern age of cashless spending?

So this auntie here had no choice but to go back to the hotel and had something from the room service.

Moral of the story? Eat in-flight. Look what happened the first time I saved my stomach for food.

But only applicable to crew, please. Passengers should just sleep the moment their asses touch the seat.
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