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Of Vote For Bakh!

OK lar, I don't usually do this, but one of my friends is in the running for the CLEO Most Eligible Bachelor title, so I'm doing a lil blog-pimping for him.

: 45
NAME : Bahktiar Affendi Azman
OCCUPATION : News Editor, News Journalist,
Newsreader, Writer
AGE : 30
ZODIAC : Libra
FAVE HANGOUT: Climb 5, 1 Utama, movies
TALENT : Martial arts, outdoor activities

To get more juicy details and to vote for Bakh, do check this out.

I first knew Bakh in the final year of graduate school. We both took up Theatre and had the most fun staging a production at the end of the semester. And he saved my life by loaning his late grandmother's kain batik for the props (I was in charge of Wardrobe, see). Bakh is easy-going, fun and a good conversationalist. Very metro sexual too, yo. And I almost always saw him in his Taekwando/Karate pants.

Peeps, do vote for him a'ight. There are many subsidiary titles as well, hentam only his name in all categories. And oh, there are goodies up for grab for those who correctly predict the winners.

When you're waiting for the water to boil, login and vote for Bakh. When the TV advertisement kicks in, login and vote and Bakh. When you're waiting for your BF to pick you up (bloody bastard is late again), login and vote for Bakh. When you simply has nothing to do, login and vote for Bakh. Pakai click aje the mouse, free ape. But don't overdo it though, do not want any of you to get Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, dahling.
2 curtsies received:

why do u hafta be soooooooooooo switttttt loh????????????

That's what friends are for.

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