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Of Smooching, Parisian-Style

I witnessed the longest French kiss in, where else, but Paris recently. I could only sit for as long as 30 minutes in the park before leaving, so I can't exactly tell how long the tonsil tennis went.

Just don't catch pneumonia, lots of saliva-exchanging going on there.

I thought this pic is kinda nice

I had the yummiest baguette in Paris. Usually, I get my bread from Paul, but this time as usual, while I was ambling around in Marais, I passed by this boulangerie with a long queue. And everyone was buying baguette. So I bought one myself and voila, I finished the whole baguette without me realizing as I walked around. Damn, I have to re-trace the route the next time I'm in that area cos I didn't get the boulangerie's name.

Spring is truly here

Didn't do much in Manchester, just managed to have dinner at Wetherspoon. The weather was really bad, raining on and off. My friend summed it up when he said, "Weather in the UK changes faster than you can cook Maggi mee". Nice.

Lamb shank in very "extraordinary" (so ordinary it's extra) sauce

Steak and ale pie

Bought all the flavours of cookies from Mark And Spencer for Mama Tju. And happily brought a packet onboard, thought of having them for breakfast. Mana tau this tau si yu crew finished all of MY cookies. Actually, all the JC crew ate lar, but I was damn not pleased with this lazy tau si yu so I put all the blame on him.
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