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Overheard@40,000 FT

GVA-EWR, onboard medical emergency. PA made for doctor, but no one stepped forward. Crew checked and there's a doctor listed in passenger list sitting at 24E.

Crew : Is there a Dr. XXX here at 24E? (Addressing row 23-25)

Pax@25E: Excuse me, we changed seats.

Crew : Oh, you changed seats with the doctor? Do you know where is he now?

Pax@25E: No, I just want to inform you, we (pointing to seats 25 A,B,D,E) changed seats. So for the second meal, please do not send the AVML (airline lingo for Asian vegetarian meal) to the wrong person.

Thank you asshole, for wasting 1 minute of my time. To you, your AVML is probably more precious than someone else's life.
4 curtsies received:

Selfish bastards up in the sky. What's new?

These people will die of acute depression if they don't get their AVML!!!

And we know who were referring to!

God is more important, otherwise, one meal got meal... god hates u..

Seriously, really, Vegetarian meal is more important than a person's life? sigh..

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