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Athens - Day Three

At 6.00 in the morning, still bleary-eyed from the lack of sleep, The Princess and Ken Lee were already up, preparing for their departure to the the airport. The nice owner was waiting for them outside to ferry them there. After many byes and thank-yous, they checked in their luggages and proceeded to wait in the departure hall. The scheduled departure time was 7.20am, but an announcement was made informing passengers on the delay of flight to Athens.

Soon,1 hour turned to 2 and then 3, and announcement was made throughout this time, each time only to inform the delay would be getting longer without stating any reason. Finally, at 11.00am, they were cleared for boarding. The reason for the delay was due to heavy fog in Athens, rendering the plane unable to land, so it was better to take-off after the fog had cleared.

The Princess' plan of making a short trip to Athens was messed up. The connecting flight from Athens to The Sandpit was at 3.15pm. They were probably the first to visit Greece without setting foot on Acropolis. *Sigh*

And you would never guess where they went instead. IKEA. They were so desperate to get out of the airport they went to IKEA, which is less than 5 minutes away. They had a nice lunch there before returning to the airport. And had enough time to camwhore a bit in the airport. *Clap hands*

This is Malaysia

And this is Athens

The Princess promises to return to Athens, this time making sure the mainland is the priority.

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Diana! How can you be so selfish to just photoshop yourself and not me? Yes, I am gifted with natural beauty but it won't kill to add on a little. You selfish devil!

Okok, I'll add the fake eyelashes soon, ok? Damn, now our beauty secret is out.

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