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The downside with leeching someone's Wifi is you never know when that someone will switch off the modem (apart from discovering that his/her connection is being leeched, which is quite unlikely as that someone would have installed a password aeons ago should he/she knew so).

And so The Princess lost touch with the cyber-world for a few days. Going cold turkey on the Internet is no fun, as she's left not knowing what to do. Suffice to say The Princess has no life in The Sandpit.

Anyway, this is a long overdue post on The Princess' latest adventure in Deutschland, or rather a small, quaint town in The Land of Sausage and Beer - Heidelberg. As she had two days in Frankfurt, she decided to make a sidetrip to this town about an hour away by coach.

The Princess and her travelmate, YL started at Bismarckplatz and walked down the pedestrianised Hauptstrasse (high street).Hauptstrasse is the main shopping streets lined with boutiques, souvenir stores, restaurants and whatnots.

The main street

Strolling down the main street, one can find many of Heilderberg's attractions, except for a few such as Universitätsplatz which you need to stray away a little.

A Gothic church - Heiliggeistkirche (Holy Ghost church)

The main star of Heidelberg is the Heidelberg Castle and no one should miss this charming castle sitting high atop the hill. From Kornmarkt, one could get a beautiful view of the castle.

The castle viewed from Kornmarkt

The Princess and YL eagerly started their climb up the hill to the castle. The climb is not too steep for young legs, but for someone Mama Tju's age, it's better to take the Bergbahn (mountain railway) to the castle. Why, oh why is it so hard to catch a glimpse of beautiful things? They either involve some serious climbings or major distances or extreme weather elements. Not complaining, though.

On the way up to the castle, with a beer in my hand to chase the winter chill away

Sneak preview of what's up there

Poor Princess was stung by a bee on the way. Hello bee, does she look like a giant walking flower to you? No more Jollibee for her. *Pout*

The old town framed by a window

Vanna White-ish pose from Wheel of Fortune

The view from the castle is simply stunning. Looking across the mountains, The Princess felt like yodelling and skipping around and getting frisky like a lamb. The clouds above cast an ever moving shadows on the mountains, and you could see a spread of lighter shade gradually moving from left to right on the green mountains.

Alte Brücke (old bridge) connecting the old town and the new town

Aku sudah gemuk - Tengok muka tembam I, adui sakit hati!
Great view of Old Town from Belvedere terrace

Adui sakit hati!

Adui sakit hati!

At the castle courtyard

Another view of the castle

After enjoying the many wonderful sights at and from the castle, The Princess and YL made a beeline to the River Neckar. Alte Brücke (old bridge) runs across the River Neckar and stand guarding before the bridge gate is The Old Bridge Ape.

The Old Bridge across Neckar River

Standing in front of Brückentor (bridge gate)

The castle as seen from the old bridge

Some interesting stuff from Heidelberg:

Edible PC, CDs and mobile phones? Now that's The Princess' kind of PC shop. On a sidenote, The Princess get to hold the cutest swan ever in Frankfurt weekend market.

No comment on the lady behind her, though.

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