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Of Christmas In The Tropic

The annual Christmas In The Tropic Light-up has been going on since early November in Singapore. This year, the stretch of Orchard Road is lit up with fairy lights. Trees along the boulevard are decorated with glistening jewels and birds of paradise. Shopping centres have themed Christmas decorations, pumping up the atmosphere of approaching Christmas. Christmas is one of The Princess' most anticipated season, although she's not a Christian. The thrill of shopping for presents (or rather the act of shopping itself) and wrapping them up in fancy paper and ribbons, decorating a Christmas tree with bells and stars with an angel sitting prettily on top of it, the joyous sounds of Christmas carol filling the air - fun!

Yay-ness. The Princess just discovered this nifty function in PS to make the pictures all glowy and the subject angelic looking. Ok,maybe she OD-ed on the last picture a lil.

Who's dreaming of a white Christmas when you can have a golden shimmering one?
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