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Of These Are A Few Of My Favourite Things

The Princess had a short stay in Frankfurt and came back with LOADS of chocolates. Chocolates in Germany are not only cheap (you can get a bar of 100g chocolate for as litte as Є0.30) but also of good quality, unlike those found back home (Bon Bon comes to mind) which are overly sweet and used to leave a film of white, greasy fat on your tongue.

Here comes chocolate robot man to conquer the world!

Whenever you're in Germany, do remember to stock up on Ritter Sport (Є0.70 ea). Sometimes, special editions are available as well, such as the winter edition out now which contain alcohol (Jamaican Rum, Vanilla Liquer etc).

And The Princess loves, loves, loves Giotto! It was love at first sight, or rather, bite. The love affair begun in July during the World Cup 06. Giotto's gaze caught hers, she took him home, had a sweet loving time and the rest as they say, is history.

Hanuta is also worth stocking up on, although The Princess could live without it. It is a firm favourite with her family back home, though.

Another favourite brand of The Princess would be Milka. The chocolates come in purple packaging with a picture of a cow.

Last but not least, do make sure to leave some room for the yummylicious sausage (bratwurst). Brochen with bratwurst make up her staple diet whenever she's in Germany. She would have it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And for snack, it's pommes frite with, what else, sausage.

No choice, she couldn't bring pork into The Sandpit, so she had to settle for beef sausage instead.

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