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Of Homecoming Princess

Whoot! You know you're so back in KL when the Maxis billboard greets you at the airport. And also the many touts hanging around KLIA lar.

It's so great to be home. The Princess was chatting to Ken Lee just now when it started to rain. While everyone was rushing to close the windows, she was opening the windows. The smell of rain wafted in. The mixture of heat evaporating from the tar road and the earthy smell of soil with a hint of grass (and some smog lar) was so familliar and therefore, comforting. Before, she would have been turned off by the smell but now, she actually wished the rain could last longer. As Ken Lee said, "Travel all over the world, but it's the rain that amazes you. Sakai". No Ken Lee, not the rain that amazed her, but the place where it took place that made all the difference.

Merry Christmas everyone.
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