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Of Snow Is Falling On Sahara...Almost

Something unusual is happening in The Sandpit. It bloody rains everyday. Continuosly for some days, even. As a result, the temperature plunges, sometimes to 14°C. Pardon her ignorance, The Princess knew the desert can get pretty cold (especially at night) in winter, but not THIS cold. And what with all the rains (it rained a grand total of 3 times last year), but this year it's crazy. Good luck to The Sandpit for coping with the irrigation system, because the last she checked, there was not one drain that's fit to be called, well, a drain.

On another thought, The Princess can't wait for Christmas to come, because she'll be going home on the 25th for 15 days. Yay! She has been working so hard it's time for some well-deserved break and teh tarik sessions. And a round or two of drinking thrown in for good measure, of course.
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