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Of Fried Dace in Black Bean Sauce

Please allow The Princess to rant for awhile. She's not a racist, but there's something about Tau Si Yu aka Fried Black Dace (Indians lar) that makes you just want to hate them. Now, before you start firing on all cylinders, please note she's talking about those Indians from Mother India working in The Sandpit. Now she knows she's going to get extremely unpopular for this, but these Tau Si Yu really have attitude problem. Mind you, she has met a few very nice Indians (as rare as you and I striking 4D). However, the majority are just plain lazy, inconsiderate and satu macam. The worst is, The Sandpit seems to be infested with the worst kind!

They will NEVER answer your questions in a straight forward manner. For example, a taxi driver:

"My friend, do you know the way to Nirvana?"

"Keleng keleng keleng *shake head* keleng *shake head* keleng...."

"Huh? Do you know or do you don't?"

"No problem. Keleng keleng *shake head*"

And once you get on the taxi, he would take you a for ride, finally dropping the bomb saying he didn't know the way. Come on, if you don't know something, just say it. Do not give out the wrong information, or beat around the bush.

And the way they work. Oh my, they're slower than a herd of turtles stampeding through peanut butter jam. Like today, The Princess was mightily pissed off. She was at the office to buy tickets. Pressing the queue number dispenser, she found it not working. And so she asked the worker (majority are Indians) and he answered somewhere along the line the machine was switched off as it's near to closing time (Hello? Office closes at 4pm, that time was only 2.30pm?). And so The Princess waited patiently for those with a number to finish their business first before going ahead and buy her tickets. But, more people came (for sure you dumbass, as it was still too early to close) and like The Princess, loitered around the area waiting. And these Indians without number, cut queue! Look, you can get all chummy just because you have the same skin colour, but you still need to line-up.

God forbid if you're Indian AND holding EU/UK/US passport. They would announce to everyone and anyone who care to listen. Poor crew is asking for your meal preference, not what passport you hold (The Princess once talked about this here).

Enought rant. Now don't hate her, OK?
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