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Of Idleness Breeds Boh Liau-ness

The Princess and Ken Lee could do and talk about the most nonsensical stuff, as if they're the most natural thing in the world. Take yesterday, for example. They were watching some Chinese MTVs (on DVD, the TV is spoilt, again) at around 3am-ish. Out of the blue, The Princess decided to sing along to the MTV, but in English instead. Ken Lee found it so amusing she forced poor Princess to sing the ENTIRE song. The trouble is, The Princess is Chinese-illiterate, so Ken Lee would read out the lyrics and The Princess had to translate them into English. It was no easy task, OK. Her brain was racing trying to find the suitable words so that in the end, the same line in English has the same number of syllables in Chinese, before the singer starts singing the next line!

And this is what they did in Manila.

Look at the fairy sitting on....eek! Ken Lee's butt!

Swinging 60s?

Portrait of a lady

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