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I'm going to be very poor next month. Just did GVA-EWR for the whole freaking month. Recurrent lar, illegal for FRA lar, changed my 3 days unplanned leave and effectively disrupted the roster for the first half of next month. Worse part is, have to stay in The Sandpit for one week. One week!

Eat sand lor, since there's unlimited supply of it.

Some pics of NYC during my recent trip there. Specifically, of Times Square in Manhattan. It is located at Broadway and Seventh Avenue and extends from West 42nd to West 47th Streets. You will never ever get lost in Manhattan due to it's grid layout. Avenues run south to north and streets run east to west. At night, the whole area is lighted up with neon supersigns and generally buzzing with people. Like they say, the city never sleeps.

A good view of NYC is before entering the Lincoln Tunnel
connecting Manhattan and New Jersey

The day before Memorial Day

The Princess chiong-ed to the shops on the second day as it was Memorial Day and there's sale everywhere. In the end, didn't buy much as I just couldn't be bothered jostling with other people for space. And the queue was another major turn off. But managed to sapu a lot of lotions from Victoria's Secret nevertheless.

And of course, I had, what else, but McDonald's, in the land where the golden arches first came about. No wonder Americans are obese. No small, medium, large meal for your picking, everything comes in standard size, which is extra large. Ordered the Angus Third Pounder - Angus Mushroom and Swiss. And guess what? It's nice. Maybe it's because of the Angus beef or just my mind playing with my taste buds, but the patty is juicier and tastes more meat-like. The McDonald's folk probably forgot to throw in the sawdust while processing the patties.

Shit. I still cannot get over the fact that my Rome is taken away next month. So that I could attend some interview that shortlisted every Tom, Dick and Harry that bothered to apply. Talk about quality control.
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