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Of Dandelion Dance

I haven't seen dandelions for a long time. Maybe I did, but I could not be bothered to stop and smell the grass.

I saw fields of dandelions in Munich. Bright yellow rosettes dancing in the wind. White puffy heads swaying gaily in the bright sunshine. They stopped me in my track. Suddenly I remembered the dandelions of my past.

Have you ever made a dandelion wish? I used to do that whenever I stumbled across dandelions. You hold a dandelion in your hand, close your eyes, wish upon it and blow all the spores away. Hoping your wish will come true wherever the wind carries it. Only to find out your innocence is lost along the way.

That day, I blew wishie after wishie of dandelions (yes, the dandelion clock is also known as wishie). White furry seeds floated blithely across the field. For that short moment, I regained my innocence.

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