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Of Mis-craving


To the extent of googling for pictures of it.

Huge mistake. The craving got worse. Oh man, what wouldn't I give for piping hot rice served on banana leaf now, with the waiter going around with the tiffin-like metal containers of assorted vegetables, pickles and curried meat, plonking everything on the leaf until you say stop. How can I forget the crispy papadums. And the chilled mango lassi (best!).

Aiyoyo, ini macam tak boleh lar. Mesti kasi tido itu otak, tak boleh asyik tengok itu gambar banana leaf rice lar, sister.
3 curtsies received:

Siao lang..come back msia ma can eat la..or go India..

i'm already booked to bring her out to eat banana leaf rice

Siew Li: Yupe, I have to tahan my craving for one more week. Sigh.

Cal: Don't ffk me ballz or there WILL be blood, I will make sure of it.

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