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Of Bitter Queens Of The Sky

I hate the person I'm turning into.


So bitchy, so impatient and so bitter. Like the whole damn world owes me something. Say or do something wrong and I'll snap just like that.

By the way, The Princess was smoking in the toilet when Ken Lee entered like it's a normal thing to do. She was eating the Leibniz biscuit The Princess just bought. In the toilet. With ciggie smoke all over. In the toilet. With ciggie smoke all over. Did she mention the toilet?

She's so weird that's why they clicked so well. Both alpha female living under the same roof. Both also complaint queen. Bitchy complaint queen. Do not be fooled by her sweet look. She's anything but sweet, while The Princess has lost count the number of times someone comes running to her telling her she looks fierce/cold/unapproachable/fill in the blank with synonym of your choice.

On a lighter note, see the bruise on The Princess' leg? That's the peril of flying. Kena hit by bloody meal carts lar, bang into legs of passengers who conveniently extend their legs across the aisle lar or kena scratched by all kind of protruding surfaces.

By the way, both of them are crazy over Dewa's cover of I Want To Break Free. Go download, play it when you feel like smashing your laptop but can't afford to do so.
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