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Of Too Much of Spider

Judging by the frequency she's blogging, you could tell The Princess is bored.

Ken Lee left for her AL to KL today, and The Princess has been sitting in front of the laptop playing Spider Solitaire all freaking day. Spider Solitaire four suits is not easy to game ok, and she's replaying all the game that she couldn't complete repetitively she feels like puking.

Everyone is not in, can you believe it? No one to accompany her to moan about life. She thinks she's going to have a pre mid-life crisis soon.

Ken Lee, when you eat that char koay teow, think of her ok? When you go drinking at SevenAteNine, think of her ok? When you listen to I Want To Break Free, think of her ok? Faster come back to stop her from commiting more "good deeds".
2 curtsies received:

Haha. Now you will appreciate me more! Knowing what a huge part i play in your life. I would be expecting a red carpet all the way from the airport to our accommodation.

Yeah, babe, I will freeze time at July 07 if I could. KLee! That day I kena ASB. Then kena pulled for short HKG. Today signed out and I kena double KWI-BAH! Fucking crewing thinks I wear a red cape with a red underwear outside is it?

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