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Of The Ego Has Landed

Diarrhoea is gone, thank God, for The Princess will be operating KUL-DPS tomorrow. A short stay in KUL, but better than nothing.

Good thing is, she will be meeting Ken Lee in Bali for dinner. More Balinese food! Bring on the santan (coconut milk). More sambal (spicy condiment), please. Heck, throw in the cili padi (bird's eye chilli). Gulp, can her stomach handle all these? Don't care lar, whack only.

She suspects the culprit behind her distressed gastrointestines is petai (stink bean). Petai is a groovy type of bean. The smell can be assaulting on the senses and just like durian, it's an acquired taste. The last time she had petai was aeons ago. Petai is known to have diuretic properties, not making your bowel goes bonker and loses complete control.

Joanne is so sweet. She cooked kway teow for the sick Princess. Bland kway teow as she couldn't take oily food. And kept checking whether she's drinking enough water. Joanne, you're so going to be her new fave housemate (not literally as she's living in the apartment opposite) after Ken Lee is gone.

Now, fast fast go read Ken Lee's tribute poem for The Princess. Knowing Ken Lee hasn't got a single cell for flowery proses makes it all the more sweet. Thanks dear, about time I have an ego boost.

P/S I couldn't access UK's The Sun! It's blocked by The Sandpit's only Nazi-style internet provider! I cannot believe this, it's only an online newspaper with the occasional boob show in the Entertainment section! I just want to bloody read the Sports section!
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